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Holy crap, now this is exciting, it's official I'm going to buy a PowerMac. It's like winning the lottery.
 I fully understand that but Samsung also backs up their 256GB drive with a 5 year guarantee and I also purchased a 3 year insurance from the computer store I bought it from, it was only 30CHEF extra, I thought it worth the expenditure. Since I back up my entire drive with OneDrive and a local Sun Storage NASA I'm fully protected against data lost. The only manufacture that has consistently come up on top in reliability tests is Intel. Though since I've had a Samsung drive...
I was just teasing because of the conversation Tallest was having.
Like passing gas in public.
I bet you will still deny it's existence when it's released. 
I don't mind large phones but that's really pushing it, have you seen a Nokia 1520 or Sony Z1 Ultra, both are 6" and are freakishly humongous.Though I can see the appeal if paired with a smartwatch and you really wanted to combine both a tablet and phone.
 The Beats are defiantly in the mid range, I would consider something like a pair of Grado's to be high end. These retail for 1500 dollars, how can you put a pair of Beats Solo 2's in the same category, you can't;
looks like a death ray.
  Only you seem to care that I recommended the Shield. The game list is here; there are many titles that are optimized for the Nvidia K1 chip. I don't know what your problem is with me but you really need to let it go. The only reason why I mentioned the Steam is because you mentioned that Bio Shock isn't available for Android with a stupid frowny face. I'll tell you what, I will stop posting alternative products when you stop hating on every single thing that isn't Apple,...
I picture an elderly librarian type with a sound level meter and a large ruler at the ready to hit you in the back of the kneck every time your voice reaches a certain octave. No! Wham! Sssshhhhhhhh!
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