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ppppsssstttt, you want to buy some user data?
 Simply not true, I still have the original CR-48, looks and runs like the day I got it. My children have an HP Chromebook 11, have you seen these things, you could toss it across the room without incident. Almost every laptop manufacturer is or will start producing Chromebooks, you cannot sum them all up as a whole, Lenovo for instance makes one that will easily last 7 plus years. You are just presuming without any hard data to prove your analysis. Do you really think...
 Ah, surf and turf. 
Needful feature? I already have a dog that demands attention, so the last thing I need is for my computer to start texting me throughout the day saying she misses me or why haven't I touched her lately. Oh my gosh, I just turned into a dude.
 I wish it was that simple Benji but I truly believe too successfully integrate all paths to enlightenment in a community it is imperative that we separate church from state. The chaos that would ensue after a single religious belief is forcibly taught to our children would be catastrophic beyond measures, at this point in time. I think it's wonderful that your secure and strong enough in your beliefs to share with others about your ideals and faith, so please don't take...
 You're defiantly the big cock I was looking for today, thank you. 
I've seen that at the Apple Store, or was it Digitec, looks neat, does it work?
Give it a rest already, we get it, Google want's your soul, but holy moly, when you get started on something your like that bunny in those battery commercials. Still luv yea though.
That would he awesome, isn't Apple working on 3D gestures. Anyway have you seen this, I know it's not exactly what your talking about the applications for this are endless.
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