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Is that how much it costs, geesh. Man I hope Apple stays away from these smart watches, what a stupid concept.
 Heeheehehe, boys are gross, it's always PeePee this, PeePee that.
 Yes but those APU's are only found in laptops and low end machines with AMD CPU's, I haven't looked recently but how well are those selling? Apple has a very small portion of the high end workstation market HP is the leader for that market, especially 3D and HP uses Nvidia. We are assuming the Mac Pro will be successful, you yourself have doubts on the entry price as do I and let's face it Apple has let their Pro market lax over the last two years. I hate to say it but I...
Wizard is right, if it isn't on the motherboard close to the CPU it just isn't worth the enormous costs to go external, even with Thunderbolt 2. Your better off buying a new machine that fits your needs better.
Oh gosh me too, I have never understood that. That amount of overclocked GPU options on the market has to make you wonder what idiots think that a 10% performance gain is worth such a heft pricetag, especially when you can overclock the GPU yourself.
Nvidia still outsells ATI in the discrete graphics card market, low, mid and high end,  that probably won't change for a long while. I don't think the Mac Pro is a big enough market to really matter to Nvidia anyway and I can only imagine the large price reductions ATI had to make to be used by Apple.
 Well that's because they are just so expensive not just for the enclosure which borders on the absurd but the Mac specific card aren't cheap either.
I like it too or Windows 8 tablets in general. The iPad is also a very good tablet but it has a lot of restrictions, enough where a 2nd tablet is justified for myself anyway. I use the iPad for general surfing and music creation apps, music is my favorite hobby so an iPad makes total sense. Everything else though I use my ThinkPad Tablet 2. People complain about the lack of apps but I have found everything that I need and so will most people that have actually used the...
Delete the recovery partition, put it on a USB drive and you'll free up 6GB making it 24GB. Plus the Surface 2 includes 2 years of 200GB SkyDrive space free, you also have a Mini SD drive. There is plenty of space if you need it. You also get 1 year of Skype calls, not sure if that matters but still nice for those who use Skype as a telephone.
New Posts  All Forums: