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I don't blame you as I do get a little carried away at times. I don't know if it's just marketing or not, who cares, it's cool to talk about it.
I'm a girl, a beautiful princess, who currently looks like a dyke, so maybe your first impulse was correct, could you imagine though, waking up with different parts. Anyway, the sentiment is the same, thank you.
 Yea, I agree with him too. Nvidia does seem to be on track though and I have no doubt we will see a product with a Denver 64bit this year
interesting, the Denver has 128KB of L1 instruction cache and 64KB of L1 data cache, looking good.
 I'm currently in the hospital, I have a tube down my throat at the moment, heavily medicated and the worst part is I have to go to the bathroom but that involves two nurses helping me onto a chair potty thing with wheels all the while with them standing next to me, so I ask for a little leniency. I don't have an iPhone, I've said this many times and why,I have an iPad and I also apologized for screwing that up. I'm also sorry for mixing up AMD up with Nvidia, in my mind...
Screw Android, a new market for powerful mini Linux computers. drrooolllll.....
Yeah, I screwed up sorry, got my chips crossed. Denver was announced back in 2011, and 64bit to be released in 2014, so they are on schedule, they also released the K1 32bit extremely quick. 
ooops, Nvidia as well announced their 64bit chips a while back http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickmoorhead/2013/10/10/nvidias-mobile-custom-64-bit-arm-cpu-its-sooner-than-you-think/
 I just don't understand the necessity to belittle everything that isn't Apple. Just trying to nip the whole Nvidia is just copying thing in the butt. 
  I don't think phones are the main goal for Nvidia's 64BIT ARM chip but their server division, they announced back in 2012 that they were working on a 64BIT ARM Opteron. http://www.anandtech.com/show/6418/amd-will-build-64bit-arm-based-opteron-cpus-for-servers-production-in-2014
New Posts  All Forums: