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Haha! I'll make sure to be buried in your graveyard, maybe I can be a Zombie lieutenant in your unholy army. Just make sure not shower so I don't smell your yummy brains.
 Yep, I think that is the case. That is going to be so great for a external RAID setup, one of the top features I can't wait for.
Where are you coming up with this stuff, I never said such things. Just that the current 27" Apple Display (in my opinion) is a very expensive product when compared to the competitions offerings. If you think it's worth it, fine, great, but personally attacking me isn't going to change my mind, chase me off, nor will you gain any support from other members in this thread. As a new member I would recommend you getting to know people a little better before calling them...
What was that Disney movie where he turned into a fish?
Oh right, good point, I took for granted that was obvious, oh and "find /" will search the entire drive, "find ." will just search your present location, "pwd".
Yea, me too, if not just for Angry Birds Star Wars.
Holly crap that is a huge tablet.
Why do you assume I didn't, I've read the reviews and they all said the same thing, the monitor is on par with the Apple display in terms of viewing quality because it's the same panel, color gamut as well. It amazes me how rude some of you...
The monitor can be had for 1,000, what you said is all true I just want to know why the Apple monitor which is already two years old is still sold at 1,000 dollars. Especially when newer, better monitors can be had for less.
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