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Sure I'll by that but that wasn't the statement in which SpamWich made. Office has many incredible features and supports Visual Basic to add any functionality missing or automate tasks that is needed in a professional work environment. I work in the trading office of a large European bank, we have 1,000's of emails coming in that are parsed by Outlook and then fed into Excel for calculations all done without ever touching the original source. It's cool to like a companies...
95%, really, 95% the functionality of MS Office. It's maybe 10% and that's being generous.
  Are you serious, I like Apple products like the next guy but dismissing MS Office and comparing it to Pages is ridiculous. If I only needed a word processor for my English homework or a spreadsheet to keep track of my babysitting money that I collected over thee summer then Pages and the rest of Apple's suite is satisfactory.  Once you start doing real work like writing a letter to your entire customer base which requires access to a Oracle or MySQL DB for the address...
The Meego's app store was called AppsUp so does that mean Titzen's store will be called TitzUp.
Wow if your leaving Apple because of ethical reasons then your going to have a hard time finding a company that does. If your going the Android route then may I suggest the Nexus 4 for mobile and Nexus 10 for the tablet. The Nexus series is by far the best you can get in that world. You will always have the newest software updates and their void of all that bloat that the major players seem to like forcing down our throats. I'm talking to you Samsung with your Touchwiz. As...
Samsung had the logo back in 2010, the black microphone logo actually originated from Google. The Rainbow Pentagon thing has been around even longer then that. I still have the original box from my Galaxy S1 and it has that rainbow on it. Not everything is a conspiracy. Forget about all that, Apple bought the company Siri, it's not even a in house project and if it wasn't for that purchase Siri would be an Android only app right now.
My mom just bought one of those Samsung smart TV's for my dad's birthday, she was also talked into buying the keyboard for it which turned out to be a brilliant purchase as anyone who has ever tried to select a single letter to make up a word while use a remote can contest that it is probably more enjoyable pulling out ones toenails. Anyway, what a piece of crap, the TV's picture is awesome no question about that but the Smart part is so slow and buggy that I think it's...
Wow there's ads, that is horrible. Why is the Android version free of them and the iOS not. There is a wonderful program called Adfree for Android, I have yet to see an Ad of any kind with it installed, even on freeware where it is expected. Is there a similar program for iOS. I personally use Nokia Maps.
The Lambart Powerbook and 2400c werebmy favorite laptops of all time, I had two batteries, zip drive, Mitsubishi Magnetic and an extra HDD that all fit into the DVD rom slot. When Apple released the Titanium I skipped it and just bought a G4 500mhz upgrade card instead. I kept that thing going for almost 4 years before I finally bought the 12" Aluminium model, also a favorite.
Oh I have a Nook to, the tablet version second gen, still use it everyday. I know it's only plastic but the look and feel still puts a smile on my face, favorite 7' Android tablet. The device it's self was pretty cheap but with all the books I have bought over the last two years it's works out to be around 2,200 bucks. Do you think it's possible to sell it like that? 
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