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Well since this is Dell product, they rank number 2 after Apple in customer satisfaction and number 1 in Enterprise satisfaction.
The tablet used was a Dell XPS 10 LTE, it's a crappy RT tablet, I would much more prefer the Dell Latitude 10 with the removable battery and full Windows 8.  
What, it wasn't my idea to use Blackberry's. I actually wanted iPhone's so I could go to Apple conferences and call it work related. It was the IT guys that thought the BlackBerry's were the way to go. In all fairness they are pretty good phones and extremely easy to write for, so I guess it worked out in the end.
I originally started out as a lonely programmer then became a trader, mostly Eurex (Futures) and Euronext (indicies) until I got very sick. I was in and out of the hospital for about a year, weekly chemotherapy almost killed me so when I decided it was time to return to work I changed careers back to being a programmer, less stress. However since I had a background in trading as well as programming I was asked to temporally take over the managing role as the guy who had...
I don't program as much as I would like, I spend most of my time writing up specs, meetings, traveling, taking complaints, ect. when I am programming it's because someone is stuck or debugging a problem. I am also a trader, I hold over 12 trading certificates in the US, Europe and Asian markets. I understand the needs of our traders, pilots and am able to dictate those needs to my staff, that's where my real strengths lie.
  I like NFC in speakers, I have a couple of cute white Nokia speakers that I bought with the purchase of my Nokia N9. When I'm listening to a Podcast in the car all I have to do is pause it when I get home, walk into the kitchen touch my speakers and the Podcast will continue playing. That's pretty neat but that's all I use it for, oh wait I bought a Coke once using it .
  That's what I said, I'm a programmer not a IT person. I have very little input in what we use, all I can do is put in my to cents which usually ends up on deaf ears. That's why our company uses Blackberry Z10's and Q10's now.
Look, I don't really care what you do and don't like. You've made it abundantly clear that you dislike Android, no hate Android and that 75 percent of smartphone users are idiots because their running Android, Windows 8, Symbian or other. I don't think there is anything else that you can possibly say that will get you're point across anymore clearer. So let's just leave it alone, so, yaaay you win, here's a cookie.
  Top 100 apps on Apple Store, http://www.apple.com/itunes/charts/paid-apps/ let's see, yep, over 95% of them are also available on Android. Top 200, yep, them too, Top 300, yeppers. Yes, Apple Store makes more money but don't kid your self, the most popular apps are available on both sides of the field.
I'm not an IT manager, programming manager, big difference. As long as I can run my programs on the hardware that's given to me and the platform has decent development tools I really don't care who makes it or what OS it runs on. For personal use I prefer a platform that is opened, though I use and enjoy my iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: