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Yeah, I really don't know anything about American laws, I thought the ITC was some kind of court. I understand there is a system in place to look over judgments and then overturn them if deemed necessary, my problem is it can be undone by just one guy.
This is just for mobile, the full patent holding from Samsung is much, much larger.http://www.phonearena.com/image.php?m=Articles.Images&f=name&id=44535&kw=&popup=1
You don't become one of the wealthiest companies in the world from ripping off others. They have one of largest R&D centres in the world, is this all for show? What about their absolutely huge Semiconductor department, their monitors, TV's, ect. It's not all stolen is it? Last time I looked most Apple products include a whole lot of Samsung built chips.What about those fabricating machines built by Samsung to build things like the Apple Arm CPU. Yes Apple is using less...
Well yes Samsung has lost patent suits in America and Germany(later overturned) but were thrown out in UK, Japan and Korea. Samsung also has 20 times the amount of patents filed then Apple. So it's all about prospective, in the US yes Samsung might seem like nothing but a cheap rip off artist, the rest of the world, not so much.
Nice write up but the fact still remains the ITC found Apple guilty of infringing on the patent. So did the ITC not have all of the facts listed? I would really hate too believe a governing body like the ITC acted Willy Nilly. I also really don't like to see the leader of a country overturning it's own courts, what's the use of having them when all it takes is a veto to overturn them. I don't know, I'm just asking, is this normal in America? When Apple and Samsung tried to...
I don't know enough about the American patent system to comment on it but I really dislike that this ever happened to begin with. The same with the suit against Samsung, I hope it get's dropped in appeals.
Looks like Obama has a free life time supply of iPhones to look forward too, that's the least Apple could do.
Oh thank you so much but I think the real inspirational people are the ones around me; family, friends, coworkers and even neighbors. The first time I went through chemotherapy I was barely able to get out of bed but I always tried to make dinner for my kids and husband. My kitchen faces the neighbors den and I rarely close the blinds, the neighbor saw me through the window one late afternoon suffering so she came over, made me tea and finished making dinner. After that...
Thank you Phil, I'm going to stay around as long as I can. I was feeling sorry for myself when I wrote the post. I should be going about business as normal as possible. There will defiantly be a time where I will won't be able to participate but until then this board makes me happy so I shouldn't cancel it out of my life just yet.
Thank you Marvin for the kind words. I fought with breast cancer already for two years. I had a good year and a half of remission but it's back and has spread to my lungs. My survival rate has decreased exponentially because of it. I'll probably pop in every once in a while as there isn't much to do when your going through chemo and post operations.
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