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Wow, do you actually believe what you are saying, absolute malarkey. I can afford to buy any smartphone that I wish. However, I choose to use a Nokia 1020 and Nexus 5 because I find their experience more suited to me needs, that's it. Just because a person enjoys using another platform doesn't make them any less worthy, poor, unintelligent or some other silly negative adjective. Really, who cares as long as the device does what you need it to do, holly Moses people are...
Wow, the comments in this thread have been anything but P.C. These robots won't replace workers but increase production output, which means more workers will still be needed to put together the smaller more intricate parts in the assembly line. The working conditions at Foxconn have improved but only so much as to appease international criticism, the fact still remains that no self respecting westerner would ever work in a place like that. If it wasn't for the very...
Wizard is just a grumpy person, I hate this and that, if it doesn't come out of a Foxconn factory it isn't worth a look. He just needs a hug.
Linux is just as robust as Unix is, actually in a lot of cases more so as it's development community overshadows that of a modern Unix OS such as Solaris or AIX. I'm still a huge fan of Unix though and still have a SGI workstation that I use for video editing and programming.
Flash isn't just for pretty moving sites, there are some pretty incredible and useful Web apps that use Flash. Check out audiotool.com/app it's a really good example of what can be accomplish with good Flash programming. I use it to create ambient sounds and beats for background filler.
How good is ClickToFlash, is it worth the purchase?
Apple makes most of their money from the iConsumer crowd, that being said though Apple still caters to the professional or did you miss the release of one one of the most powerful workstations available. Yes Apple has been dropping their professional apps one by one but that doesn't mean there aren't hundreds of other third party apps to take their place. Suggesting that Adobe drop support for a company that is basically their bread and butter for the sole reason of...
I still use flash, not by choice mind you there are just so many sites that still utilize it. One of favourite Web apps audiotool.com/app has promised that they will be going html5 for about two years now, which is unfortunate as I want nothing but to be able to run it on my iPad. Though Apple will probably have to increase the memory to at least 2Gb before I can use it properly as it's a bit of a memory hog.
I hope Apple game developers will start utilizing full 1080P out through the HDMI dangle. It would actually be pretty great to turn the iPad into a portable console. It's pretty cool to see my son using his little EVGA Note connected via the build in HDMI port playing games like Modern Combat 4 with a Bluetooth game controller.
The new L developers build adds an additional 2 hours to that number, increases battery by 36 percent. It's still in development but so far the build has been extremely stable.
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