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 Yea thanks, I've worked for one of the largest banks in the world specifically programming applications that where used for institutional trading for the last 15 years. I know what a shareholder is and as a holder myself I have never thought for an absolute second that those shares mean that my tiny investment affords me a say in the companies affairs, regardless of the literal definition.
I've owned one iPod, the first model, I hated it, horrible battery life and I couldn't stand that it was impossible to see the directory structure when it was plugged into the computer, one of the reasons why I have yet to own an iPhone. Back then I preferred my Marantz Mini Disk recorder/player, Tascom DAT player and Nokia Communicator 9500 with a 512MB MMC card for MP3's. I had a few solid state MP3's players over the years but they mostly came from iRiver with the only...
Again, why do care, it's not your company. As long as the company is profitable, makes their shareholders money, anything they do with their profits is absolutely none of our business. 
No, but they were just found guilty of patent infringement in regards to Siri. 
Me to, Beats headphones are just overpriced fashion accessories for children and teenagers and young adults.  A pair Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's is so vastly superior then a similar priced pair of Beats that it is almost comical.
 Why would you care how much Apple paid for Beats, the price could have been doubled and wouldn't have affected Apple in slightest.
 Awwwhhh, here, just wipe those tears away, feel better, no, then plop yourself right here, play Lincoln logs with my son for a little and I'll make a loaf of my famous chocolate fudge cake with nuts, no need to thank me, it;s my doodie. Puntastic!
 Flash runs great on my Surface Pro 3. 
 Funny and so true, that video sums up every Christmas Eve party that I have ever thrown. Always, and I mean always resulted it me putting on impromptu concert turned Karaoke session for my guests with exactly those type of songs in that video. Hey Relic grab your keyboard, no, oh come on, ugh, then I start playing Beethoven just to piss them off, noooo play something from Fleetwood Mac, no U2, no the Cure, fu**! My parents always told me that it was important to learn an...
They have a desktop app as well.
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