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Oh no doubt, I have to say I really like wireless charging now though. I have this pillow looking thing on my night stand that I just set my Nokia 1020 on top of and it's charged to like 80 percent in 20 min. I also have the Camera Grip cover with built in battery, super awesome accessory, because of it I actually only have to charge my phone too full once every three to four days.
 Yeah, see that falls a little to much on the gadgetry side for me and something that I wouldn't wear personally, I guess maybe a little too young for my taste. I know my kids will go gaga over something like that though, which will probably be Apples target group anyway, young teens to mid twenties. With of course the exceptions, like wearing one during exercise but to be honest Timex and Garmin sell some pretty great workout watches with all the bells and whistles like...
Completely agree and is kind of exciting to see what pops up in the coming year. Don't hate me too much but I actually have a Vertu phone, the Vertu Constellation Quest. My husband received two when he was promoted at work, one of which was meant for his spouse, me  yaaaayyy, which was lucky for him as I would have killed him in his sleep if he didn't bring one home for me. The Vertu is actually more then a phone but a sort of concierges service, a service that has proven...
Aaaah screw it, I'm just going to get a Nixie watch and call it a day, Woz likes his.  
 If you watched the video I posted of the Kairos, a Swiss watch maker by the way, you will see that it is possible for the likes of Rolex to add a transparent display on top of a mechanical watch in a elegant way. Right now these hybrid watches are pretty thick but in a few years when the technology has improved luxury watch makers would defiantly benefit from this. Imagine what they could do with dive and sailing watches, it's only a matter of time.
 I chose the Kairos because it's an actual product that will ship and doesn't cost a fortune, starts in at 550 dollars. Though I'm not a big watch person myself when I do wear one it's usually for the sense of fashion over functionality. I have a phone that tells time very well however I am starting to see the appeal of a smart-watch but if I'm going to wear one it will defiantly have to look as close to an ordinary watch as possible, I don't like wearing things that look...
I think the iWatch will have plenty of power. Just for giggles I wanted to see if I could find one of these watches with decent specs and came across this Kickstarter funded beast called the Omate TrueSmart. It's Ugly, bulky and thick as all hell but the techspecs are friggen amazing. Why would anyone want this thing, don't know but it shows just how close we are to actually having a true Dick Tracy watch. Anyway, not trying to promote this thing just thought it...
That is why I would prefer a hybrid watch like the Kairos, 5 to 7 days. Unlike a completely color digital display that will only get a quarter of that time. 
 I'm sure Apple's design will be nice but I think it will defiantly look more like a  gadget then a luxury watch. Which is why I'm going to wait a year or so to see what companies like TAG, Vertu and Kairos release. If I'm going to wear a watch I don't want something that was designed for the masses but a watch that is truly beautiful, unique and with enough functionality to be useful.  This is what I'm looking for in a SmartWatch; 
 You know, the dilemma you described is pretty silly as Samsung includes a separate charger when you purchase the extra battery. It's been this way for a while, I got one with my old Note 2's extra battery. Though you can purchase a battery without the charger, why bother as the price is the same. 
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