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There is nothing wrong with BlackBery, their new OS 10.3 is very nice. I really don't want to see them go, there isn't many phone manufactures who still produce a mobile with a keyboard. I for one am looking forward to their new Passport and will be the first one in line to buy it when it's released in September. That and the last thing we want is less competition in the mobile world, we need more players not less.
Man I wish the iPhone had a keyboard, why do company's think that we don't want a physical keyboard anymore.
Your calling doom a little too quickly for Samsung, though their quarter wasn't up to snuff it's not like their in the black. Before you start with such predictions, give it at least a year. As far as people stopping with high end Android phone purchases there is absolutly no proof to back that up. Yes China has been very successful in producing quality handsets at a bargain but their not available without jumping through hoops in Europe or the U.S., especially by any...
Maybe I should try using mine to answer those questions that I always wanted answers too as well, let's see, Cortana, how big is Liam Nesson's penis, wow your right, very helpful.
I have and as a one of the few who actually owns and enjoys their Windows Phone, a Nokia 1020, I can defiantly say it works fairly well. However, as far as actually using it on a daily basis, no way, but I wouldn't use Siri either, I find the hold idea of giving my phone verbal commands apserd.
It was Nokia that made the cooler of the two phones show cased in Matrix, I know, I have a signed one with Keanu Reeves signature sitting in my Nokia display right now, Samsung's version was just awful in every single way imaginable.     It wasn't until the Nokia 7650 though that this particular form factor really took off.  
 Cool, then I guess I have some studying to do. I have to apologize about last night. I'm not feeling to well and I kind of glanced over the part about your wife dying. Let me just say how sorry I am that has happened to you. One of my greatest fears is not dying myself but leaving my husband and two children alone in the world. I know it's a selfish thing to believe that they won't be fine without me but I truly believe when you start a family you give a part of yourself...
 Actually your network traffic would be almost exactly the same if you were using an native application to access a database or web interface. I think your assuming that just because an app is nativity installed on a device it doesn't have the need to access it's networked data as often. Unless programmed specifically to cache it's data, which is rare as data changes constantly there will still be the same amount of queried and retrieved data going threw the network. Yes a...
Thanks for the info, I love reading your posts,always filled with lovely new stuff to research, I'm still going though it all but so far very impressive. I need to ask though, will Apple provide a Swift runtime for Windows and Linux because without it, well, it's kind of like figuring out cold fusion and only keeping it for yourself. 
I really like what Apple has done with the new interface, very pretty but it's defiantly not completely redesigned as they state on their site. I actually think it's time for Apple to do a complete GUI overhaul, though still the prettiest UNIX UI around,  I had just assumed that after a decade with same interface Apple would have come up with something new already. When can we expect the marriage between iOS and OSX, that's what I want. A full fledged tablet OS, iOS 8 is...
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