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  Gartner's numbers are their estimated "sell through" numbers --- i.e. they adjust Apple's, RIM's, Samsung's official numbers with changes in channel inventory levels).   The 37.4 million shipment numbers came from Apple's SEC filings.  But in the earnings conference calls, Wall Street analysts always asked Apple executives (and RIM executives...) about changes in channel inventory levels.  Apple will either say something specific (i.e. channel inventory went down by...
Number of postpaid smartphone subscribers:   Verizon: 57.2 million AT&T: 48.3 million   Verizon has 9 million more postpaid smartphone subscribers than AT&T.
Funny how the discussion began with Wall Street analysts saying that QNX needs a car battery and ended up the talks with some of the Q10 reviews saying that it can be a weekend phone that will last a couple of days in battery life.
Of course, I was the original person to post that paragraph in 2008.   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/83675/piper-over-half-million-missing-iphones-likely-in-channel#post_1206352
I said it 5 years ago (even gave precise footnote link) and it remains true today.   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/92434/half-of-apples-iphone-3gs-sold-internationally   I also said it 4 years ago that Andy Zaky didn't know what he was talking about.   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/101831/iphone-sales-predicted-to-top-80-million-by-2012#post_1468287   I read the actual SEC filings, not reading blog entries of people interpreting what he thought was said on cnbc...
Hidden deep inside Apple's SEC footnotes, Apple's sales numbers are defined as shipment numbers also.
Most of the mobile traffic is video now, and you can't compress a h.264 video any further.  There is really no point of talking about the loss of BIS data compression because even if the Z10 and the Q10 were to be compatible with BIS, it would not magically compress a h.264 youtube video any further.  Also because of iphone's popularity, most websites have mobile versions of their websites which are designed for much fewer data usage.
They didn't say.   It is such a personal choice that Eric Schmidt still uses a QWERTY blackberry and Blackberry can price the Q10 at higher price than the iphone.  Couple with the fact that the Z10 and the Q10 uses basically a mid 2012 spec US model Samsung S3 (dual core MSM8960 at 1.5 GHz) in the era of 2013 quad core phones means that Blackberry is making a lot of money on the hardware (and can cut price on the Z10 without killing profit margin).
It's funny that in the engadget review of the Q10 that they did a typing speed test and found that they type faster on the virtual keyboard with the Z10 than the hardware keyboard on the Q10.
They can price it with a premium because QWERTY die-hards like Google's Eric Schmidt refuses to use a slab phone.
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