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I would guess that Final Cut Express will be discontinued when the new Final Cut Pro comes out in June: the latter will cost $300, so there isn't really a place for an in-between product.
As a consumer, I fully support the idea that companies (such as Apple) should impose a single way to do things. When I buy a product, I don't want to have to decide between multiple ways the interface can work, or whatever. That decision is work! I'm paying someone else to do that work for me. I'd much rather be told "This is how you use it" than "You can use it one of many ways, and change it around in Settings".
The 27" iMac can. But only if the thing you're connecting to it has DisplayPort (or mini DisplayPort).
I heartily recommend Billings.
I believe the request could be phrased as "How do I open a new window to the same location as the current foreground window?". One solution is, you do Show Path Bar (view menu), then hold Command and double click on the icon in the path bar that represents the current folder. Amorya
Did they? Guess I'm remembering it wrong. I thought someone opened one to check.
Bluetooth keyboard/mouse? I was at WWDC the other year, and someone asked if the Apple Design Award (a cube thing which lights up when you touch it) had a removable battery. It turns out it takes 4 AAs or something. So they're not as completely against them as all that Amorya
Perian has two parts: the quicktime codec itself (which is removed as described above), and the Preference Pane that controls it. To remove the latter, go to System Preferences, right click on the Perian icon, and choose Remove. Amorya
Compare how AT&T and O2 respond. O2 spends a lot of money and apologises for the problems. AT&T stops selling the iPhone in NY and tries to think of ways to get customers to use their phones less.
It's not possible. Sorry. The hardware is too different: even if you could find a PC with the correct generation of ARM processor, you'd need the exact same hardware an iPhone has. Which would end up just being an iPhone. There is an iPhone simulator included with the SDK, which you can download for free. Maybe that's what you need?
New Posts  All Forums: