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You also have the hype differences. iPad hype was poor after it's announcement because a lot o people built it up to be more than it was, hype for Kinect is very excited. After release it may get some bad reviews that hurt sales, iPa got good reviews & it cause people to take a second look. Pre-orders only judge whether companies have recognized a marketable niche, not whether they will succeed in filling it. I like the Kinect concept, still waiting to see how it...
If google jumps on board this will ruin digital content. People aren't going to chuck their devices for a new age of DRM, just going to push more people to be tempted by piracy. Execs just don't get it, no wonder Apple has had so little trouble cleaning house all these years.
Another reason I don't trust it, iOS 4 has been awesome, even increased my battery life by like 25%
Not to be paranoid but the profile says unsigned. Any proof this is from Apple? I haven't heard anything about this from either Apple or AT&T.
For them it's also an assumption that Flash will be around forever. They wait till their hand is forced & then we hear the horror stories of what it cost them to rush out a solution. Fools, never put your eggs in one basket.
And I use it so much I don't even know how I managed without it. Most notable example is how my wife is always calling me when she is out & about. She'll call me to ask directions, so while on the phone I pull up google maps & tell her exactly where to go. Love it! I do think though it isn't going to be a deal breaker, instead I think bringing the iPhone to Verizon will really show people how overblown Verizon has been making all these map commercials. Verizon is so...
That's why I added ...hmmmm. to the end, starting to like the idea of getting a small & indestructible phone & then getting an iPad. I mentioned the keys because I took from your post you were implying that it might as well function as a phone if you carry it around everywhere you go. That argument to me made about as much sense as me saying my keys should be a phone. It's a niche ideal, one that I don't think most of us would really want. Niche means money &...
Why don't my car keys work as a phone?! So just because we carry something with us most places means it should replace our phone? Hey, if you want to use an iPad as a phone just use google voice or Skype. You know you could get rid of your iPhone & get some incredibly small phone that does nothing but phone calls. If you had the iPad with 3G that wouldn't be a bad deal...hmmmm. I swear these arguments get worse the more people try to defend the idea of an iPad as a phone.
You can if you use google voice! Very stupid complaint (replacing the iPhone I mean). Who in their right mind would want to use an iPad as a phone REPLACEMENT?! Wow! The upside would be that police would have a much easier time knowing if people are talking on their phone or texting while driving.
A lot of times devices ship with a slightly newer chipset for certain hardware than what was used in testing. It is very common for there to be firmware or software updates to address such issues. It's the price you pay for early adoption & it's no different anywhere you go. Even with a brand as trusted & well backed as Cisco has issues like this, Rev 1 products are just simply unknown until they make it to mass market. Issues are usually resolved very quickly, have...
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