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Not so good if you have friends who, unbeknownst to you, have a taste for child-porn and uses your devices to store their files. Plausible deniability may work, but mud sticks.
Is I Sir yet able to play an album without automatically shuffling it? I have never found a way to play a requested album unshuffled via I Sir.
Irrelevant. Apple has a product and it blows. Apple is worryingly slipping back to its years of releasing directionless and costly software projects. The CEO of Slack has it right; Apple has a slack CEO. SJ rebuilt Apple from ruins. Unfortunately, it became so vastly elevated the atmosphere at the top is too thin for proper brain functioning. I'm well spoken and enunciate clearly; even so, Siri cocks up 75% of my requests for assistance. I've not tried Google's efforts and...
Has iSir finally stopped auto shuffling albums? I stopped using it when it refused to play a selected album any way other than shuffled.   I'm not a record producer, I'm a music consumer who likes album tracks to be played in the order the artist/producer intended.   There would be outrage if iBooks shuffled the chapters in novels.
I wonder if this means the use of Metal API's in iOS and OS X El Capitan will have us see Fallout 4 released for OS X?   Would be kudos to Apple if they could swing it.
It's only one side of this story that interests us, surely? All we need to hear from Apple is that it's fixed. They can keep their platitudes to themselves.
Fan-Bloody-Tastic. All the insincere hyperbole from Apple about maintaining respect for an artists musical integrity and then Apple inflict data-reduction across the board. No choice. Just a measly 256kbps. Fine if you like Pop, Springsteen, U2, RAP and Dire Straights. Not nearly adequate enough for well recorded and produced work. 
4 x Faster... Puts it on a par with 10.5. "Enhancements to Spotlight"... it may work and offer the sorting and location features of Cmd-F after all the attention it has had for 10.11 release (No breath holding. No Class Action for mass asphixiation)
My business slowed to a crawl when we lost iCloud, Thursday. One of the most expensive cloud service storage and applications platforms offered and it's nothing more than a shoddy erection.
Steve Jobs was not alive when Android OS reached pandemic numbers. I stick by my opinion that Steve Jobs would not have witnessed Apple customers "bottling" Android users. Tempers flared between PC and Mac users but I don't think blood was spilt in drunken brawls.
New Posts  All Forums: