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Perhaps Apple should take the same approach to all religious apps. I find them all totally objectionable, especially Abrahamic stuff as it is divisive and leads to drone strikes. Revolting proselytisation. 
Apple really missed the target with this, its fourth iteration of AppleTV. A lack of 4K (even if it is still limited by a lack of 4K TV programming...productions will increase rapidly as my local electrical stores in London have all but stopped selling 1080p models) makes any news of a 3 x 4K editing capability feature with other iDevices completely superfluous. Apple should obsess about a coherent ecosystem across their product range. ATV is also a very expensive TV box...
Apple should be inducing users to give up their secrets and activities so those AI Experts have full access to a users real day-day habits.   They could offer a lifetime of free, unlimited iCloud storage and Music Match in return for one million users signing away their anonymity.
The Pippin is coming! Oh shit, not again? Another miserable attempt by Apple to pretend it cares about games and gaming. Expectations are going to be for a seriously underpowered, overpriced toy with barely sufficient sophistication to engage a four year old until s/he is five. If Apple's set-top streamer does not have features and graphics to better the Sony Playstation 4, Wii or Xbox One, there will be absolutely no point to its existence. The final era of short-lived,...
Not so good if you have friends who, unbeknownst to you, have a taste for child-porn and uses your devices to store their files. Plausible deniability may work, but mud sticks.
Is I Sir yet able to play an album without automatically shuffling it? I have never found a way to play a requested album unshuffled via I Sir.
Irrelevant. Apple has a product and it blows. Apple is worryingly slipping back to its years of releasing directionless and costly software projects. The CEO of Slack has it right; Apple has a slack CEO. SJ rebuilt Apple from ruins. Unfortunately, it became so vastly elevated the atmosphere at the top is too thin for proper brain functioning. I'm well spoken and enunciate clearly; even so, Siri cocks up 75% of my requests for assistance. I've not tried Google's efforts and...
Has iSir finally stopped auto shuffling albums? I stopped using it when it refused to play a selected album any way other than shuffled.   I'm not a record producer, I'm a music consumer who likes album tracks to be played in the order the artist/producer intended.   There would be outrage if iBooks shuffled the chapters in novels.
I wonder if this means the use of Metal API's in iOS and OS X El Capitan will have us see Fallout 4 released for OS X?   Would be kudos to Apple if they could swing it.
It's only one side of this story that interests us, surely? All we need to hear from Apple is that it's fixed. They can keep their platitudes to themselves.
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