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Well then, users are going to be wasting a dreadful amount of time getting Siri (or iSir, as I prefer to call it) to understand what is being requested of him/her. Good job they've got a dumb smart watch to monitor, log and produce pretty graphs with which to display the very few hours usefully spent in one working day when not tussling with iSir and the retarded brain.
Hmm, still as useless at doing certain things as ever.
Shame it won't be able to grant my wish to play an album UNSHUFFLED. Is Apple ever going to fix this awful feature. Why Apple is at it why doesn't its Photo app sectionalise pictures and rearrange them for you?
What, exactly, was stopping Apple from recommending to Apple Pay subscribers that applicants do not answer simple to obtain security questions during the registration and verification process?
Pissed with investigative journalism and Edward Snowden, are we?
You have faith in any news media? You must have not tripped over any religious tomes when a toddler.
Well, judging by your enthusiasm, it's either that or your head.
I never use Spotlight, it's trash. cmd F for me, every time.
No, not for not producing a turntable, but for not allowing greater choice of download bit rates, increasingly poor quality, cheap sound/audio solutions and junking the only iPod that had decent storage space at a reasonable price. And for lying about the reason they're pulling iPod Classic. Respect for your customers is a virtue. I do not "illegally" acquire encoded copies of master tapes as I pay his company on a per recording basis (seems some people on AI like to...
I use a number of sources. My preferred is analogue (Pink Triangle Anniversary turntable with Technics u205 cartridge). I also have access to master tapes courtesy of a friend in the record business which I borrow (if 2nd Gen master) or he encodes from (if master). I'm not sure Pono is available yet, but I will see what it has to offer. Limitations: Certainly, one has to make compromises if the technology is limiting. In the case of iTunes, however, this is not the case....
New Posts  All Forums: