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So Apple don't have issues about working in a country practicing the equivalent of apartheid? Yet Greenpeace rants about Apple's (partial) dependence on coal...   What a wonderful world...
As an equal opportunities employer, I wonder if they will they be employing any Palestinians during this drive?
Why, oh why, oh why? It's just a bleedin' phone, not a 'ucking Spaceship
This tool has a brilliantly explanatory interface Apple. Your GUI team must have worked overtime to make it so user-friendly. And why have the notice: "This update is recommended for all OS X Lion users without Java installed." Do you know something we don't? I've been reading that this vulnerability is caused exclusively by Java being installed. As I've never installed Java, why on earth would you be recommending I run this tool?
Open GL does that but Apple are dragging, as usual. All Jobs' promises for Apple being the number one platform for this and for that came to nothing. Gaming came to iOS by accident, not design. Steam is the only thing giving them any credibility in the gaming market. Maybe Cook can take the bull by the horns and get Apple a big chunk of that market but they need a partner because they have no traction on their own.
I wrote to SJ a year ago and suggested Apple needed far more involvement with Steam as this was the future for game retailing. PC consumers want this stuff. Together Apple and Steam could create a Cumulonimbus.
Where did I misinform? A Trojan was successfully vectored onto a large number of Macs. Apple were slow to patch the vulnerability. Apple does not have a publicly visible or accessible security team. It need only be so much window dressing...but, it needs to be there. This will happen again and again. The misinformation here is people stating the higher number of problems that Windows OS's experience. I couldn't give a flying fig about PC users. My contention is that Apple...
I never use Java and always rely on Click to Flash. Sill, it appeared on Software update for me even after terminal commands had shown none of my Mac's compromised.
Not nearly good enough. Others, with far fewer resources beat them. Apple need a pro-active security team and a dedicated Mac OS security app. After all, there's an app for absobloodylutely everything else on the App Store. The larger the Mac market share the more visible Apple needs to be with efforts to protect its users and the consequences resulting from their customers using Apple computers. MS are well ahead with MSE and the package is amongst the best available for...
You have vehicles fitted with seat-belts and airbags to protect the idiots. Shame about the victims who inadvertently get in the way. Developers of Operating Systems must protect their passengers.
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