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Where did I misinform? A Trojan was successfully vectored onto a large number of Macs. Apple were slow to patch the vulnerability. Apple does not have a publicly visible or accessible security team. It need only be so much window dressing...but, it needs to be there. This will happen again and again. The misinformation here is people stating the higher number of problems that Windows OS's experience. I couldn't give a flying fig about PC users. My contention is that Apple...
I never use Java and always rely on Click to Flash. Sill, it appeared on Software update for me even after terminal commands had shown none of my Mac's compromised.
Not nearly good enough. Others, with far fewer resources beat them. Apple need a pro-active security team and a dedicated Mac OS security app. After all, there's an app for absobloodylutely everything else on the App Store. The larger the Mac market share the more visible Apple needs to be with efforts to protect its users and the consequences resulting from their customers using Apple computers. MS are well ahead with MSE and the package is amongst the best available for...
You have vehicles fitted with seat-belts and airbags to protect the idiots. Shame about the victims who inadvertently get in the way. Developers of Operating Systems must protect their passengers.
I've never been infected by anything on any of my personal or work Macs, but I think it is time Apple developed and delivered its own free security software much like Microsoft Security Essentials. It could be called Apple Really Secure Essentials.
I wasn't taking issue with Apple build quality. Just the idea some people have that Apple products are extra special. They are generally superbly built. I use Macs because of OS X.
WTF are you talking about? Neither a MacPro nor an iMac have ever been ahead of their time. Unless you count Apple getting marginal first dibs at new gen Intel CPU's. But then they go and mess it up with crappy GPU's that are behind the times and grossly over-priced. My best guess at another iteration of a MacPro (if one ever materialises) is that it will be completely outshone computationally by $1200.00 PC's. There's no Steve Jobs to weave magic silken webs now, Apple...
Dead, mate. Deceased. Just like the parrot in MP's sketch. There are no more prosumers. Merely consumers.
Not intrinsically. But some ways of making money are.
America is broken. All it needs is to get dragged into another war, a Churchill equivalent and it'll be well and truly sunk just like the British Empire of last century. Apple execs know where the new markets are...transition is painful.
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