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see below
This debacle shows just how much SJ has dropped the ball when it comes to Mac OS and its dependents (software and customers). Too much effort has been expended on Steve's toys with limited functionality. A Desktop PC is still required for heavy-lifting in all departments and every effort should be made to ensure this platform remains fit for purpose. FCPX has all the wrong attributes of OS X Lion. If Apple wants to drop this type of appliance it should do so with...
"Armed with an iPad" or equipped?
It is not a top level GPU...far from it. It is a mobile GPU which is good but not bloody good. Plus, it is already a couple of gens behind what is currently/imminently going into laptop PC's (which is all the iMac is really...a glorified laptop computer with a fabulous but cumbersome monitor).Are you also completely unaware of OpenCL, (CUDA) GCD and other technologies that utilise multiple processors and which scientific community apps could exploit. The new iMac's don't...
Why no Crossfire option with the mobility Radeon? Once again Apple drags its heels in the graphics dept.
Which is precisely what it is.
Now, that just doesn't work, does it?
They'll probably work extra hard at getting the App Store app to recognise dialectal variants of "Buy", "Purchase" and "More".
Just how are they going to achieve this marvel when MacOSX has absolutely rubbish voice recognition?
Because SJ knows what's best for people, absolutely: "Cool" toys. Apple long ago abandoned all pretence at its vague attempts to target seriously high-end desktop computer users. Now, only the most stupid use Mac's for rendering as Windows PC's overtook Mac OS years ago in the graphics department. SJ's universe... It's toys all the way...
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