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I wonder how soon the first Class action will descend if they release a 3rd iPad iteration in 2011...Could be a costly marketing boob.
Was it really so necessary to publish these pictures so close to the official unveiling? Seems kind of desperate to me. The launch is just a few hundred minutes away FFS.
Should send a report whether one chooses to continue or allow to crash. None of us like to lose work/data but Apple and the Dev responsible need to know there is a problem. The file associated with the crash should be similarly marked with a prefix/suffix.
The scintillating story of Mac OS decay continues...
Seeing they censor less offensive content Apple and SJ should ban any and all News Corp's repulsive right-wing trash from running on iOS. Here is a company reportedly and unashamedly benefitting from the interception of private mobile phone calls and other major illegal breaches of privacy to make a profit. SJ would rightly have blown a fuse if ever he'd learned his mobile conversations had been illegally tapped just to sell details of his private life to an amoral and...
So did Hitler. You live in a vacuum? How can you put "feelings aside" when Murdoch has made it his life's ambition to change people's feelings so they fit his poisonous right-wing agenda?
Murdoch is vile scum. Is SJ aware of the repulsive bile this man spews over the planet? SJ's ascendency into the Bilderberg echelons would have to entail some serious sodomy from fellow members. Is their no limit to the depths Job's will lower himself?
Really, cheer up. Written by me it would do. "Just One More Thing" "Barred from the MS Hospital by Bill Gates' wife, we did have the option of iAndroid but Steve didn't like options…So, out of respect for his dogma..." …Schiller slides a gleaming black box from his shirt pocket… "we've called it iCadaver…(GASP)…Using all we have learned about miniaturisation we've managed to fit Steve into a tapered 0.5"x2" box…Awesome…"
Even more reason for Steve to have dragged Valve onto the stage during the Back to Mac press call and announce a financial/marketing partnership…that would have caused some ripples. OpenGL is (now) better and no time is better than now to really press that home. Even if it means financial incentives (which is what MS do because they know money talks). Apple have an appalling track record with their developers. This, too, must change.That's like saying Stalin and Churchill...
It's called choice. Apple is on the Blu-ray Board, FFS!
New Posts  All Forums: