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I cringe increasingly with each passing Apple Media Event... Apple is fast becoming a company for chavs who think they are buying classy "cool" toys to match their NIKE raiment. It's transforming into The Pig With Lipstick of the computer industry. Who was that talentless prat attempting to play piano at the end? A deal with FOX and ABC speaks volumes.
Yay! Nail... Coffin... Flash... Wham!
Thanks, very useful. Hope Apple can keep up with Steam and Game developers requirements.
Perfect for an Apple brand, then. Seeing as it's mainly celebrities and celebrity mad chavs who buy into the Apple hype.
Then, there's always http://www.youtube.com/results?searc...=4k+video&aq=1 to look forward to (if your Mac can take the heat). My MP with an Nvidia 285 plays very nice.
There you go... Either way you prove my point. ...
Yeah, just like fewer and fewer people can tell the difference between Mac OS X and Windows 7.Apple now gets to unilaterally decide what is "good enough" for consumers. This is Microsoft through and through. Like a possessively jealous lover Steve Jobs is determined to take Apple to the grave with him. R.I.P. OFF
Apple...Update...Support?Never in a million years. Apple is lagging so seriously on GPU support that it just isn't funny. By the time they update their API's, Nvidia and ATI will have moved on by several generations.But the sooner Flash goes away, the better.
Cloning could not have worked when Apple didn't have any supporting business model. In Amelio's day they had the Mac, period. That was their only computer hardware, Mac OS was pivotal. This is no longer the case. Mac desktop computers represent a small part of Apple's profits. Producing an enthusiasts Mac would encourage more young technophiles to play around on Apple PC's and reduce the level of industry sneering Apple receives due to a perception of overpricing and under...
Choice...Or lack of it. This is the Mac's biggest failing. Excusable when WIndows was a disaster and Apple used PPC architecture and different bus systems. Now that they are simply Intel (maybe soon AMD?) PC's running OS X it is absolutely inexcusable. A premium is paid for OS X and hardware but Apple customers are given short shrift when it comes to expandability. OS X could do with greater exposure and to do this Apple really do need to think about releasing a Mac,...
New Posts  All Forums: