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Yes, here too. My EVGA 285GTX performs like a muzzled dog (on a leash).
Been an Apple user since lle, (very nearly a Lisa owner) also one of the very first UK Mac owners in 1984. Now I think my time with Apple is over. Apple wont miss me, but I will miss Apple.
I hope Apple are providing some working graphics drivers for the nVidia 285 (EVGA) as the card maker cannot write and install code correctly. I've experienced countless problems (hard crashes) with the Mac Edition 285 GPU since installing it.
Yeah, funny... and yet it's sti££ there and worth£ess to boot
Oh, sweet joy!
The building, like this post, is in such poor taste he should rename it Palestine and await the Caterpillar bulldozers
Anything potentially capable of keeping Hollywood drivel from the eyes and minds of the worlds population is fine by me. SONY, Hitachi, Sanyo, et al... all the big names in display technology should make displays and TV's which block any film and TV programme emanating from the US. The rest of the world can then remain blissfully ignorant of the American people's ignorance. HDCP is just a an acronym: HollywooDCraP.
This and data reduction are the reasons I have chosen never to purchase any music or video file outside the appropriately designated material formats. I've spent tens of thousands of pounds (Sterling) on music and video products. These goods having better longevity than DRM or myself, my partner/relatives can utilise/sell the LP's, CD's, DVD's etc., once I've expired. Although I'd like to see talented boundary pushing artists cop a far bigger share of the first baked...
The war may have been over but the Cold-War encroached as Britain continued to haemorrhage badly (thanks to the earlier insane warmongering of Churchill and the avaricious imperialist aspirations of the USA). Blackmailed by the US into handing all our technological secrets and strategic military bases to this former fair-weather friend, a penniless Britain had to endure many critical social problems through strict rationing and an imagined threat from communism... Plenty...
New Posts  All Forums: