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The industrial revolution has a history, Read Marx. I was using commodity and broker in their widest sense. All component parts of a computer can be regarded as commodities and anyone who buys and sells commodities can be regarded as a broker.Look how much controversy Apple causes each year with the amount of NAND Flash it acquires (Oh, that's a commodity, too).True, they may add a certain value to it by using human labour as a commodity. But they still end up brokering it.
I concur with your comment. Though I should have added Boot Camp to the list of software models driving Apple hardware sales. Because I seriously doubt I would have upgraded my PPC G5 to a MacPro without the ability to boot WIndows for game playing. That just tipped the scales.
Noticed how design conscious Dell has become of late? Their forthcoming smartphones are an example of design. But, yes, Dell are commodity brokers too. By the way, both these companies, Apple/Dell have computers cobbled together for them by manufacturers and assembly plants in China. What distinguishes Apple from Dell is software and cheeky profit margins.
I'm well aware of ARM and AIM. Both these areas of technological expertise were and have been enablers. Apple's main business model is currently dependent on software. Apple started life with a strong original manufacturing ethos but that nearly cost them their business. By the time Jobs came back on the scene they'd killed off 99% of their hardware lines. Job's then spent a year or two running around with a machete while Tevanian struggled to get his software to run on...
No they are not. They are commodity brokers who put bog standard PC components in Apple designed computer cases and charge a premium for the integration of the components and their OS. They are primarily a software company which happens to make PC computers and other technological fashion accessories which have been bent to their will. A bit of dabbling in microprocessors to enable their particular hegemony does not a hardware manufacturer make. Certainly they innovate in...
Well, for his troubles, Mr Gray Powell has been offered a complimentary business class flight to Germany by Lufthansa. Ostensibly to continue his consumption of tasteless German Lager and Germanic culture. The sun on the meadow is summery warm. The stag in the forest runs free. But gathered together to greet the storm... Tomorrow belongs to him...
Amorality and religions are two of the most depressing aspects of humanity.
And I quote you... My bold italics.
No, by your own evident admission, the only point it bolsters is the potential for commercial damage done to Apple via the unethical publication of pictures of an alleged prototype that could be one variant amongst many. My company habitually made and field tested multiple iterations of prototypes before settling on a production model. Members of staff were selected to use prototypes in the field and file reports on performance, functionality, etc. I doubt Apple are any...
Well, I haven't been to the Gizmodo site to read the full story. I wouldn't want their trash in my cache. How far is Infinity Loop/Apple campus from this bar? He couldn't pay them a visit and drop it off at the reception? And if he was too indifferent to take it to Apple he could always have dropped it in at his nearest police station or Apple store. Stop making up excuses for these people.
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