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Apple (or, rather, Steve Jobs') notion of a credible Graphics Driver Developer as part of the OS X team is a monkey who plays around with a steering wheel attached to one Etch A Sketch knob (steering both knobs simultaneously would blow its mind).
Would be as likely as the Pope announcing the release of a Vatican branded condom for Catholics whilst whispering to his Cardinals "I dare the flock to actually use them"
I'd heard the internal code name for it was Sabre-toothed Tiger...Or was it pussy?
Do you mind if I...just...er...... My bold italics.
You'll get a real GPU, only it will be a few generations behind what is available for PC's, 30+% dearer and the drivers will be crap so whatever they are they'll perform like PC GPU cards from 2008.
The time is ripe for Apple to open their OS to clone makers again. Restrict licences to desktops amongst a few manufacturers only. This may tempt in a whole new demographic and increase market penetration. Their desktop sales are dwindling and MacOS needs to be on feature competitive machines for gamers, OCers, etc.
Hope they can stop Safari 5 from crashing each time I switch Extensions on. Only used adblock and a couple of others but even with these turned off and extensions enabled 5 crashed every session.
Oh, how ironic.
Now, if they'd put the slot on the top then Jobs could have said 'It's magical' whilst demonstrating his justification for the inflated price.
See my quote from Jobs' mouth below...solipsism stated Apple knows its consumer base better than we do. I disagree. Nothing to do with logic. If someone at Apple could magic up a way to increase Apple PC sales three-fold Jobs would be all over the idea in seconds. Truth is, he only sees what he wants to see. Which is fine, but limiting.It was Steve Job's who Dellesquely said "We're coming after you, you're in our sights."(Dell), not I. I pointed out that Apple have failed...
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