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You were saying?http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/te...0/10083480.stm It's all over the UK news.
Firstly, how many people lose their iPhone's, iPod,s etc.? Does a person who has found such a lost item ever call the manufacturer who made the product? If the finder did call Apple did he make clear that the iPhone he had in his possession was not a production unit. i.e., it had none of the features of the iPhone's retailed version? What prompted the finder to contact Gizmodo rather than hand it straight in to the police? If Gizmodo believed this to be genuine prototype,...
I don't get it. You fanatics....This is like breaking into your parents or partners wardrobe to rip the wrapping and peek at a present way before the day. What do you get out of it? A celebratory day with a present you knew you were going to get. Pointless. Gizmodo should be castigated for spoiling a fun day and impropriety. I feel for the bloke who left it at the bar. He must have been going through hell. If Gizmodo knew they had a prototype did they have...
Grrr... Just slow down on the breeding you complete morons! A couple dozen children will probably use more CO2 in their lifetimes than all the iPads Apple will ever sell.
Yep. Really, really pathetic for a multi-media and graphics desktop computer. PC cards have OpenGL 4.0 support with nvidia Fermi GPU's as of now and Windows users have DirectX 11 as an option. What is Apple playing at?
Please, please please, everyone start collectively wishing that Apple have changed the cheese-grater design for something a little less IKEA kitchenware. I have always hated the awkward incongruity of that ugly chunk of metal. MoBo's with Crossfire? SLI? Game companies are starting to look at Apple, now Mac gamers have to believe Apple are designing future Macs with better upgradability options especially in the GPU department. Oh, I just woke up.
Utterly underwhelming.
Yes, here too. My EVGA 285GTX performs like a muzzled dog (on a leash).
Been an Apple user since lle, (very nearly a Lisa owner) also one of the very first UK Mac owners in 1984. Now I think my time with Apple is over. Apple wont miss me, but I will miss Apple.
I hope Apple are providing some working graphics drivers for the nVidia 285 (EVGA) as the card maker cannot write and install code correctly. I've experienced countless problems (hard crashes) with the Mac Edition 285 GPU since installing it.
New Posts  All Forums: