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He photoshopped his fingernails clean! How gay is that? Tis okay, though... I'm gay and I don't mind dirty finger nails. I hate deodorants and any perfumes other than pure male pheromones.
Similar peculiarities are exhibited when using EyeTV and ZDNet Clock. There's also a potential problem with TV programme scheduling courtesy of known time synchronising issues. Still, my 2800 hits 3100 with no memory errors (running +12Hrs continuously)
many people had Reboot upon "Wake from Sleep" issues with latest MacPro's (needed a firmware fix but problem still exists for some) and I've had countless hangs on Wake from Sleep with my MacPro. 10.5 was the buggiest Mac OS I have seen in years. I suppose we should just suffer from iPhpwninterruptus in silence.
and here was I thinking that my DVD drive laser was *ucked... Apple and 21st Century QA = 0 I never buy from iTunes store as Amazon is so cheap and you get a real CD to sell later on in life. Anyone here tried to sell off an iTunes purchased item?
The Razer Pro mice do see above 800dpi on OSX with their very stable Leopard drivers (handles 10.3.9 and above).I love my Mighty Mouse yet as an Ex PC platform gamer who now uses a MacPro and boot camp for such frivolous entertainment, and the Mac for everything else, the Razer is perfect. For both graphics and gaming it is extremely precise and highly configurable and I love the way I can change the speed/acceleration (precision) on the fly without having to open any...
You can take a look at this mouse:http://www.razerpro.com//index.php?o...d=12&Itemid=45It has drivers for Leopard and absolutely tons of options for tracking, acceleration, and buttons galore.My Mighty mouse seems to gum-up on ball roll (scroll) down only. I fix this in seconds by spraying a weak solution of washing up liquid (or isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton handkerchief (laid on my desk surface...don't soak it) and then vigourously roll the mouse ball backwards and...
This place is supplying new 'Pro desktop RAM at some of the lowest prices I've seen. Tell me if and where you've seen cheaper. Forget it...Their current prices are way different on their site from those quoted to me. (I'm not associated with them)
As is your right.Precisely why Vista is such a bad OS. Even MS tried to rid themselves (unsuccessfully) of the Registry. It's antiquated and prone to corruption. It's built like Jack-Straws. And why should you need to de-fragment your disk every month anyway? OSX doesn't need de-fragmenting ever. In fact, it works best if you don't de-fragment the file system. MS operating systems need so much user maintenance: for the Registry, for fragmentation, for Security, Virii,...
Freedom of speech matey, although the poster forgot to mention that Vista still relies on the flakey System registry...the data gets hopelessly de-fragmented and slows down the whole PC, has highly dubious security features and any suggestion of the least compliant web-browser released on the big wide world is better overall than the standards compliant Safari is proof of a profound ignorance. Vista is okay, I use it... But it is not a patch on OSX for sheer...
Take a look at Samsung Spinpoint F1 these are excellent HDD's http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/11/...ng/page11.html
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