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$30.00 for a condom! Apple are taking the urine. It should come free with the iPhone. It's blatant greed like this which earns Apple a stinging reputation with some consumers.
Now it's taking over two minutes to load AppleInsider's front page with Safari 5. WTF is going on!? Should I run the Java update installer again? Flash Plug-in? Firefox loads in an instant
Cripes! Safari 5 is really, terribly slow on my MacPro. Pages that were opening in split-seconds with 4.0.5 only a few minutes ago are now taking several seconds with the update. Something is very wrong.
See, it can be done Adobe. Why all the silly Flash posturing and hullabaloo?
They're doing a stage mock-up of a German themed pub in which Steve walks around "discovering" iPhones in various nooks and crannies.
Full implementation of OpenGL 4 please Apple. You've now had more than enough time, Apple. You think it pertinent to criticise Adobe for poor Mac support when talking about Flash, but for you to treat your own Apple customers to third-rate graphics goes beyond the pale. Each Mac should have the very latest generation GPU fitted at launch (not cards that are a couple of generations behind Generic PC counterparts- Top of the range iMac's and MacPro's should be GPU...
Sell conditional Licences for Mac OSX to a few select Desktop OEM suppliers to make high-spec, expandable Dual-Boot machines for enthusiasts. Engage some top Mobo manufacturers to design-in SLI/Crossfire capability...the works! The consumer desktop market is going to continue to falter and disintegrate. Take Mac OS out with a bang.
What isn't reported is that Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is also supplying tricycles fitted with car batteries and dynamos so his employees can get a working days usage out of the Android.
Different coloured smoke for different battle conditions. What colour is yours, CEO Shantanu Narayen? Mud Red?
Maybe Chen will get to photograph the inside of an iCell.
New Posts  All Forums: