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No MiniPlayer button, just a key combo. My large iTunes library still refuses to load on my iPad 4 or iPad Air so I have to use PLEX which loads the entire library in 2-3 seconds. No side-bar view, everything is so badly laid out in the toolbar they've had to include a pathetic ... as nothing fits properly. Apple have seriously broken their own UI rules with the new iTunes. It behaves unlike any other app. Oh, and no double-click window docking. WTF, Apple!?
Another MM rumour....   One can purchase their way to improving the performance of some MacMini 2012 specs. This, however, makes the cost ludicrous and leaves it well behind the curve of modestly priced PC's with much better specs at lower prices. Graphics (and GPU memory), the Mini's greatest shortcomings, are now so dated as to be embarrassing. The SATA bus needs bringing up to current spec. Finally, the price must drop. It is a fab little machine for home...
These products should have undergone stress tests. Too many iPhones have had major design flaws. A good engineering team and chief designer would conduct a whole battery of tests to ensure structural integrity. It's pointless waving a thinest version iPhone around on stage if that same product can be turned into an ugly duckling by someone proficient at origami. Tim Cook should sack the entire iPhone engineering team for gross incompetence, or do a Microsoft, and claim...
Premium headphones? You are kidding, aren't you? The headphones are designed to compensate for the awfully bad chip used in i devices. Sonically, the only half decent i device ever made by Apple were the original iPod Classics. Plug any contemporary i device into a Hi-Fi system and compare AIFF or Apple Lossless to the original CD and you'll hear how lacking in sound quality the i device is.
Here goes.....
Six months from SJ's birthdate. He's giving those guys deadlines.
If they carry on like this we'll wind up with Solitaire and a Start Menu.
Apple should deploy the school/college IT requirements gratis. All they need do is supply a check-list and deploy it to all the education districts' iOS devices. It's called after-sales service.
Apple should create a free to use division that controls iOS distribution and configuration based on the set-up requirements of educational establishments. They should also partner with a company who can supply one of the many keyboard cases available for iPads. E.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00GNPPJW0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Really, does Apple have no clue?
Of course. But Apple is greedy. Education is a right and Apple should help subsidise it for all people.
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