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Mac Mini revisions are long overdue.
Not the time for Apple to become complacent. These devices will sneak up on and surpass tablets very quickly.
NAIM Audio... Why that junk?
Does the update fix the (broken) loading of large iTunes XML Libraries onto iOS 7.1 devices (which is commented about all over the place and on Apple Support/Discussions)? My iPad Air can never connect to my Shared Library as the data file never finishes loading. A bummer when music is such an important part of my consciousness. Since updating their iDevices to 7.1 no one in my household can access my iTunes Library. Big fail, Apple.
Beats headphones are amongst a handful of the very worst sounding. Apple will get slated if they sell these rubbish headphones. First, Apple use poorer quality D-A chips in their flagship iPod Classics, now they expect us to take the acquisition of the company behind the worst headphones as a good move for music reproduction.   Jonathan Ive, you visited my company in London back in the 80's when you were just starting out. Please, please don't fall for the hype...
I want my Mail.app Search functionality back...like...now. It's crippled without it.
They should simply give it away for free until the whole OS makes cohesive sense.
Safari 7 has been a disaster, so many bugs.
I believe the UK and Australian governments recently advised all depts to refrain from using any Huawei equipment as it is alleged to send all user behaviour data to servers in China. They make Routers, Youview TV boxes and parts of the exchange equipment used by telecoms companies. Together with the NSA, GCHQ and the like of LG, Google, MS and Apple these commercial and governmental bodies are watching our every move mm by mm bit by bit. Scary, really scary Mr. Orwell.
You ninny... We're all "foreigners" on the internet. It's a World Wide Web.
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