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Improve the anodising...
America...Land of the free. Welcome to the real world, chaps.
Salute? I thought he had an iPad stuck in his eye.
I still get this message every time iTunes opens... No one at Apple seems to know why.    
and that god exists whilst you're about it.
No. Safari is the only browser I use on Windows. Chrome is a good alternative but I can hardly bring myself to say Goo... Please don't force us to use IE or, gah, Firefox!
The answer is for Apple to up the ante and employ teams of staff to permanently monitor all staff welfare/conditions and environmental impact. They have a surplus of money and the means to do so. Perhaps their mantra should be Don't be evil...Ever.
Seriously, I don't want to be taken seriously. This is a Mac forum on the WWW.  Just keep putting funny little animated icons at the end of your sentences and then the readership will know to take your comments seriously.   Meanwhile, all the components in PC land available to engineers exist today in sufficiency to make the new (old) Mac Pro truly a thing of the past.
Given this is a thread about the next Mac Pro my comment obviously has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. I was referring to faeries.
2013 for a new Mac Pro? What's this recent CPU update, a liver transplant? Lies, all lies. The Mac Pro is dead. Tim just can't own up to it. ASUS can put out several motherboard iterations in less than a year. Maybe Apple have a solitary school leaver working on the next gen Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: