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You are the police of who? This site is called Apple Insider and some Apple devotees (of many years standing) would like to know more about Apple's involvement, complicit or otherwise, with the NSA & GCHQ. I think most other tech news is almost irrelevant with this shadow hanging over the whole industry.
Nothing on PRISM today, guy's? Come on!
Mac Pro's are the only Mac's I buy now as they are hardware configurable. If they drop the Pro I will reluctantly drop OSX (still my favourite OS). I want some control over my machines. Apple can't have it all.
The new Mini Player is revolting.
How the hell does one display the track play time in the Mini Player? I can't find an option to display it.
Hate, hate, hate skeuomorphism. Especially that dreadful GameCentre. It is naff.
I don't agree with the Death Penalty. America, you have your legal murders. Just be happy that you can maintain your barbarism and have Apple.
Improve the anodising...
America...Land of the free. Welcome to the real world, chaps.
New Posts  All Forums: