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How the hell does one display the track play time in the Mini Player? I can't find an option to display it.
Hate, hate, hate skeuomorphism. Especially that dreadful GameCentre. It is naff.
I don't agree with the Death Penalty. America, you have your legal murders. Just be happy that you can maintain your barbarism and have Apple.
Improve the anodising...
America...Land of the free. Welcome to the real world, chaps.
Salute? I thought he had an iPad stuck in his eye.
I still get this message every time iTunes opens... No one at Apple seems to know why.    
and that god exists whilst you're about it.
No. Safari is the only browser I use on Windows. Chrome is a good alternative but I can hardly bring myself to say Goo... Please don't force us to use IE or, gah, Firefox!
New Posts  All Forums: