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WTF are you talking about? Neither a MacPro nor an iMac have ever been ahead of their time. Unless you count Apple getting marginal first dibs at new gen Intel CPU's. But then they go and mess it up with crappy GPU's that are behind the times and grossly over-priced. My best guess at another iteration of a MacPro (if one ever materialises) is that it will be completely outshone computationally by $1200.00 PC's. There's no Steve Jobs to weave magic silken webs now, Apple...
Dead, mate. Deceased. Just like the parrot in MP's sketch. There are no more prosumers. Merely consumers.
Not intrinsically. But some ways of making money are.
America is broken. All it needs is to get dragged into another war, a Churchill equivalent and it'll be well and truly sunk just like the British Empire of last century. Apple execs know where the new markets are...transition is painful.
Why buy iTunes tracks/albums when you can purchase CD's from Amazon for less and at full red-book (or better) quality? Just rip at Apple Lossless. It amazes me how people clamour for HDTV and 3DTV whilst happily listening to the enfeebled noise Mp3 or other lossy/data reduction algorithms deliver.
What about typographic flexibility, a major weakness of ebooks? Just how free are creators/authors allowed to be over choice of fonts and formatting?
How's that? Unlike Newton Einstein had no connection to an Apple.
Busts, Statues, Paintings... Iconography has followed the famous for centuries.
Yet Sacks didn't balance his case by pointing out the potential dangers of religions...
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