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    But... but.. the problem is, you can't find apps to do multitask on Windows RT.
        And don't lie.
  However, if this promotion is to exempt the early-upgrade fee, it is a viable deal especially for the ones whose iPhone 4S has some cosmetic damages, like deep scratches, broken back, etc.
Okay, LG is boasting about their new feature that Apple doesn't seem to offer with iPhones.   Sadly for LG, there's an $0.99 app for that.   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/360-panorama/id377342622?mt=8   Poor LG had to build its own app though, we have something called App Store.   (And not only LG, every Android vendor bragging about features seems desperately trying to conceal that those features are actually a rip-off of apps on App Store(TM))
Got it. Samsung bribed American regulators and judges. They do bribe Korean politicians very often, a gigantic amount of money. I am very well aware of it, because I am a Korean man. Samsung is famous for paying everyone off: the president, congressmen, regulators, judges, and journalists. I am so disappointed because, apparently, American regulators are as dirty as ours.
If you like Google Maps better, you can always use it by hitting maps.google.com in Safari. And you can even make it a shortcut icon to the home screen. So. Why anger? Use your brain, not mouth.
  If Microsoft updates their Office suite to support iCloud, yes you can use it like what Apple showed today with iWork.   In fact, ANY apps can use the benefit if iCloud, if the developers update their apps to support it.
  Disagree.   1) It's a year cycle, not 9 months cycle. (Lion was out July, 2011)   2) Do the math. $19.99 x 10 years = $199.9 not a big money.   3) Lion is still great. You don't have to upgrade if you are happy with Lion.   4) It is not subscription because it does no expire. Even if you don't buy Mountain Lion, your Lion will still growl.
    You sound like Samsung.  
Seriously, have you ever tried to return apps you bought? I tried some, and all my requests havve been accepted by Apple very quickly, with satisfaction. In some cases, I simply told them "I don't like this game." or "An iPad version of this game came out so I don't need this iPhone version anymore. I will buy an iPad version." And Apple support team did not admonish me, instead they refunded my money with pleasure. This story not only goes for 3rd pary developed...
New Posts  All Forums: