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http://www.deviantart.com/view.php?id=317221 This had me completely fooled. I could have sworn it was a photo, but the guy who did it says it's all illustrator. I'm impressed at least.
It's alot faster for me....
[quote]1. The "drawers"- the pop out drawers that appear under windows in programs like Mail frequently force me to shift the window just to fit it within the screen (on a 19" monitor) . An unnatural slide motion is also required to close them which could easily be fixed.
I don't know how you would have to shift the window.... With Mail, whenever I click the "Mailbox" button to open the drawer, it opens up on the side of the window that has the most space....
I just installed it about 4 days ago. I don't think Apple's updated it since then.
I imported all the pictures on my hard drive to iPhoto to organize them, and alot of them need some extra editing, like cropping. So I got them all organized and now I want to crop some of them, but whenever I go to "Edit" on certain pictures, and stupid program "unexpectedly quits". This is really annoying me and I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?
My speaker suggestion: the Monsoon MM-1000's. http://www.monsoonpower.com/mm1000.shtml They're quite directional, but they have incredibly clean sound and still get good bass response.
I thought it was pretty sweet that Oh Brother got the grammy. You know that *none* of the artists on that record ever dreamed of getting one.
If they don't care, why bother explaining how the current scheme works? That e-mail cleared up a whole lot for me.
I got back from stuffing myself at CiCi's and my roomates were watching that godaweful show. That is the closest that TV has ever come to making me vomit. Dipping the hotdog buns in the water before stuffing them down their throats..... *heave* Between that and stuffing down eight pounds of mayo I'ld say that Fox has completely outdone themselves as far as pushing, no, completely obliterating the boundries of taste.
Out of a French 101 class of 25, I am one of three guys :cool: Rock on. I'm taking French mostly because a summer of construction work ruined my taste for Spanish. I know that's a bad reason, but it's true. I just can't think of Spanish without thinking of all the lazy Mexicans whose trash I had to pick up last summer Also, the number of people in Europe who speak English, is in my experience, highly inflated. My family stopped off in Paris for a day and it was...
New Posts  All Forums: