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I think they explained the subject matter perfectly at a 10,000 foot view. However, the details of what's really going on would require a far too lengthy post and too much technical jargon. If Stephen Hawking met with me to explain how a blackhole works, I'm fairly confident I might get lost...that doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's talking about. In short, go back to post #35 on page 1 and reread. "...there may actually be a legit reason that they're charing $0.99...
That is HORRIBLE logic. If that were the case, I wouldn't have believed a damn thing I was taught in college. I didn't say I CAN'T understand. I simply said I don't understand it enough to re-explain it. I.E. I don't have the luxury of setting aside a bunch of time to learn it. It's not my area of expertise. My background is mathematics, data analysis, SQL, and the like. I'm quite confident I'm smart enough to understand it.
Go over to MacRumors and start on page 6 or so. There is plenty more explanation as to why they do have to charge for it from qualified individuals. I don't have the accounting understanding to re-explain it, unfortunately.
I can't take credit for my post. It was posted by a user named benson304 on MacRumors. It and subsequent posts help form a very good explanation of why this most likely is going on. I don't have an accounting background, but thankfully some CPA's at a few of the Big 4 chimed in on the matter.
For me, it was more of an issue of the precedent it could potentially be setting. HOWEVER, after hearing some actual accounting reasoning on this, there may actually be a legit reason that they're charing $0.99 for it. I don't have an issue paying for something that I feel is worth the value. I do agree $0.99 is nothing, but at the same time, I'll just continue to use Skype for my needs. I've used the beta FaceTime on my Mac in the last few months, and I haven't really...
This was posted over on MacRumors on a similar thread...hop on over there for a really good discussion on this issue with a few CPA's involved who actually know what they're talking about: "I'll preface this saying I am a CPA, I work in Big 4 Public Accounting on audits of public, multi-million to billion dollar companies. All PUBLIC companies, aka listed on a stock exchange where any one can buy a share of, are subject to the requirements of the Sarbanes - Oxley...
A lot comments were calling the guy a redneck, dumb Midwesterner, making fun of his accent, and his weight. Comments geared towards the woman were regarding her video camera shooting ability mainly.
Agreed. I was floored with some of the comments on the MacRumors article. There was way too much hate towards us Midwesterners. I'm happy for the guy...I remember how excited I was the day I got mine.
Companies do this all the time. Generally, the more tenured employees are being paid more. So it's a cost savings to lay off the person who is making more in the same position. Of course, there may have been other elements, but just going off of what you said, it's common sense that it would happen that way. Given what you said, you can't just say that it was age discrimination.
My alarm is set for 8:20am every weekday. Today, my alarm went off at 7:20am. It caught me off guard, but I went back to sleep. I then woke up without an alarm at 8:38am. Thankfully, my job allows me to come in and leave when I like, but this is annoying! A few of my co-workers have iPhone 4s, and none of them had the same issue. We tested it a few times, reset the phone, tested a few more times, and it still did it. We found a solution online that said to remove...
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