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All this tabs on top complaining about mousing distance is lame. ctrl+tab & ctrl+shift+tab switches between tabs. use it and stop whining. -- So I've noticed the removal of the pill button in the top right corner. Usually you could cmd+opt click on it and edit the toolbar. Maybe this function will be removed in 10.6? I sure wouldn't like to see it gone, I like making my icons smaller and removing the text from below them in third party applications. It just saves space...
About time, I'm sick of always having to include ridiculous amounts of extra code in a website to cater to IE's ass backwards web standards.
i'm starting to really get sick of the whole green / enviro / healthy lifestyle crap floating around. it's a god damn phone - so unless this thing implants toxic waste into your ear when you make a call, or baby seals die every time you connect to GPS, you can fuck off and worry about other things, like (imho) the eradication of fossil fuels in passenger vehicles.
@ ATT Letter: Yuuuuuuuck, double spaces after sentences. Designer's typography nightmare or, a find and replace heaven.
I took the photo into photoshop and man, is it ever touched up. I agree with a poster above who said it's an LG phone photoshopped to look like it could be the 3G iPhone. 1) The bottom left edge of the phone - the shadow is so obviously placed, a black blurred shape, multiply'd and opaque. The bottom left corner to top left corner have a 'white' band that runs up, simulating glare/reflection, it's a perfect line, with no variants and minimal colour flux, which proves it's...
so very true. i have a 2.5 ghz penryn mbp with 7200 rpm drive and if I ever restart it, it's for software updates and even still 40 seconds to boot is killer quick compared my dinosaur 1.6 ghz G5 at the office.. 3 minutes to the login menu, 1 minute 30 seconds to load the dock, mail and ical. yuk.
yet again, i have the newest mbp, 2.5 ghz penryn.. have done all updates, not a single glitch.. is there something to say about what these users are doing with their laptops? no idea, just have to say - lovin' my macbook pro.. best computer i've ever owned.
shit, if only macs had fingerprint readers, apple would have 100% market share.
oh christ, here comes the onslaught of mac wannabe's.. well everyone.. i guess we've enjoyed our niche for long enough..
i have the newest 2.5ghz penryn MBP, watch video, do graphics editing all the time, haven't experienced a single glitch..
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