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I believe so. I went to the Apple Store yesterday to try just that and was blown away by the palm rejection. It worked flawlessly, even with a non Apple stylus that I currently use. I tried the same software (Adobe Sketch) on both the iPad Air 2 and the Pro and there was no comparison. The palm rejection seems to be backed into the touch controller software at a system level which is fantastic.
Its' tied to an apple ID so not directly.  For family support I just have another login on my laptop that uses the other's apple ID but that, of course, gives access to everything. For general access I've just used Remoter VNC with ssh tunneling though my main server.  So this does require 1 port forwarding of port 22 to the server but uses bonjour from there to find other systems on the network.
Not really.  Turn on Back-to-my-mac and it just appears in the Finder.  Click screen share. I've never had any problem except for very locked down network but then most other solutions didn't work there either.
How can you 'Dodge' something you don't owe in the first place?  Dodge or evade imply the same intent.  Apple is not 'avoiding' taxes either they are simply structuring their business the way the various lawmakers have pushed them to do so to be efficient.  There is no difference between this 'financial' engineering and mechanical engineering, other than the laws are man-made rather than imposed by physics. This is the fundamental problem with trying to do social...
Wouldn't the 13" iPad basically just be a bevel-less current iPad?
The 'phone' has already migrated away from just being a communication device - it is a full multi-purpose engine for doing what you want and for me, and many people I know, what I want to do is NOT centered around people but actions. For me this inverst the paradigm that's useful. I cannot imagine using an interface that is so people centric. There will be the core, hardcore facebook users that may like this but once you want to get outside of facebook, which I would...
Regarding the Statue of Liberty and Hoover Dam. Both of those are not really 'mistakes' but 'incompletes' The model just hasn't been built yet. For the status of liberty that will be a complex model as the shape is complex and well know (unlike trees which look like ice cream cones because of the complexity but, in the case of trees, no motivation to get them all right). For Hoover Dam that is just following the underlying Geo contour data with its inherent flaws. ...
So a thrown together demo of a feature that's been in beta for about a year and which crashed 4 times is going to take out the wind of what is likely to be an almost finished product (at least the parts demo'd would be) that is also likely to be well thought out?  What is reported as being shown at this 'event' certainly makes it seem a very defensive move by Google.
Supply and demand responses, in a fluid market, look remarkably like collusion.  Hard to make an actual determination.
  With about 10 sec research you have found the free option from April of 2011   http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1433?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
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