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Huh? Didn't you see that Terms of Service you agreed to as you activated the phone?
How do you know that's not what their doing? If Samsung is refusing this is the next logical step. We have no idea what the private negotiations are about.
Agreed, but as I've said before market share is critical only to a level in which developer interest is healthy and that's more about absolute numbers than percentage. As long as there's significant money to be made for a developer to produce for a platform then they will and the platform will have the support it needs. Apple understands this and significantly emphasize profitability and usability over shear market share.
Soundjam was software. This is describing dedicated hardware.
Everything is obvious in hindsight. What they claimed was more than just playlists and syncing.It was all of that, in 2001. IMO that is not blatantly obvious at the time. The obvious argument is hard to judge. Look at the case behind the movie 'Flash of Genius'. The arguments made by Ford were basically obviousness give a transistor and a delay circuit and the need for intermittent wipers it was 'obvious' .
What? and Why, specifically? Is it not new, is it not original? Be specific.
Why would this put HTC 'Out of business'?? For the first patent we're talking about 'data detectors' creating links contextually on information in a text stream. If Apple would be successful, and decide NOT to license, which is their right, HTC would just have to remove this feature - hardly out of business. It would put them at a competitive disadvantage but that's what R&D is all about.And for those that say 'This is obvious'. First, its the use of this in the UI...
In all of this do you know how many households pay Zero federal income tax??? I'll let you google the answer. The worse number (from associate press) is that 40% of households (yes that's not a typo) actually have net positive federal taxes - this mean that they get paid by the federal gov't to exist!!! Why would those that get paid by the gov't vote for any other gov't. They 'work' (i.e. earn money) by voting. This is a significant part of the definition of...
Not true BECAUSE they don't reduce the data plans for a non-subsidized phone. You will be paying for the data plan regardless of what you pay for the phone so that is a sunk cost. The phone price is marginal and so affect the decision.
This is certainly true, and equally true is that black folks discriminate against white folks, gays and asians, AND gays discriminate against whites and black and asians and hispanics, AND...... All people have some level of built in biases, some more some less. Some can controls those biases better than others. None of this is limited to any one group of people. Throwing one part of a truism into your argument really does nothing to support any given conclusion. No one...
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