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In all of this do you know how many households pay Zero federal income tax??? I'll let you google the answer. The worse number (from associate press) is that 40% of households (yes that's not a typo) actually have net positive federal taxes - this mean that they get paid by the federal gov't to exist!!! Why would those that get paid by the gov't vote for any other gov't. They 'work' (i.e. earn money) by voting. This is a significant part of the definition of...
Not true BECAUSE they don't reduce the data plans for a non-subsidized phone. You will be paying for the data plan regardless of what you pay for the phone so that is a sunk cost. The phone price is marginal and so affect the decision.
This is certainly true, and equally true is that black folks discriminate against white folks, gays and asians, AND gays discriminate against whites and black and asians and hispanics, AND...... All people have some level of built in biases, some more some less. Some can controls those biases better than others. None of this is limited to any one group of people. Throwing one part of a truism into your argument really does nothing to support any given conclusion. No one...
I'm continually baffled by this argument and keep coming back to the conclusion that our 'entitlement' mentality is now influencing most thought. There is no such thing as a 'fair' price. How would it ever by defined? A person has no real idea of the COGS (costs of goods sold) of a product but they do know what it's value is to them. This is a good thing as COGS is only 1 component of the value of a product or service. Design is one component that is not (usually) in...
Not sure what one has to do with the other. I would be almost certain (never certain until tested) that the current iWeb will still run on Lion, just would be able to buy it going forward. Of course it hasn't been update for something like 2 years in any case.
You do realize that Apple execs are usually VERY reserved with the media regarding the sales and marketing of Apple's products. This is actually very significant news when Apple takes the wraps off internal sales optimism to allow it to get to the media. Please note I am NOT referring to Apple's boundless enthusiasm about the quality and impact of their products but the sales of same. Overtly is a GREAT word. Good to see real vocabulary being used.
Almost certainly NOT a customer hardware configuration. The cost of added a configuration management for, say, 15,000 units plus replacements would more than overwhelm and marginal cost savings is parts. These units cost Apple ~ $325 ea. Even assuming your $100 ea which I think would be low, at $225 ea savings that's only $3.4 million savings world-wide. Would not begin to cover the cost of managing a supply chain change to implement the major changes your talking about.
It is also possible Apple has licensed this for the own in-App purchase like iTune and App Store (TM) but not for developers use. We'll have to wait as see the paperwork.
Hard to see it as available on March 11 if you can't order it until March 11 - which is what the apple store now says???
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