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Yep. All of the ones around here. The form factor is just too great to put in a case. I don't baby it, I don't have a case (my wife's also) and absolutely no problems. reception is much better than the 3G I had before and I'm in a fringe AT&T area. My father's not in a case either. The ONLY care I take is not to put my keys in the same pocket as my phone but otherwise it lives in my pants pocket.
Thank you for saying that The lack of any marketing perspective on these boards is just amazing. I would think people here would begin to try and look past the technical arguments (its easy, it 'should' be there, etc.) to the marketing that driving Apple.
Are you seriously creating an equivalence between 'no whites served' and the unlocking of Phone purchased under a valid contract which was known to all parties at the time it was entered into? \\
While this is what I thought also I was going off of this quote in the article. (might be hyperbole on the part of the lawyer - nah, couldn't be they always tell the truth
Agreed in full. In addition, just like AT&T and Apple some judge has FORCED me to be part of this lawsuit, which I don't want. It will only drain money from the companies into the lawyers pocket. What do you think the Trial Bar doesn't want the law changed to set the bar higher for these types of law suits. They don't benefit the plaintiff(s) only the lawyers. And no, it doesn't really force Companies to change their practices, only in a very few cases if you actually...
I've done my own controlled and repeatable tests and covering just the lower left corner with scotch tape works fine. Before there was a repeatable loss of bars which could be seen correlated on-off-on-off-on. After the effect was significantly reduced. Repeatably. It was not eliminated as the is certainly both conduction and capacitive coupling and the tape would only reduce conductive. But then all the phone will have some degree of capacitive shielding due to the saline...
The solution is very simple, even to do at home. First let me emphasize that I don't find this to be a real problem. No matter how I hold the phone the overall experience is much better than my previous iPhones. I did tests in one space and when I would grasp FIRMLY I would definitely see a drop in bars. I then simple put a ~5/8 piece of clear scotch tape over the bottom left antenna as shown below and voila no more problem. Now if a grip really really hard I still...
Of course side-by-side with my 3G the 4 gets BETTER actual calls - no dropping in the same place at the 3G and clearer to my ear. This is all consistent with both the Anandtech and Consumer Reports that this is all a wild goose chase. They both report that the iPhone 4 is better than its predecessors. Maybe not quite as good as the X but certainly not the problems that are being reported. This is again another example of the bias of Internet reporting of problem where...
Have to agree with this - San Diego
Actually, if you read the page, its not JUST a pre-order. The phone is delivered already registered and 'ready to use' so they need the att information (in the US).
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