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Of course side-by-side with my 3G the 4 gets BETTER actual calls - no dropping in the same place at the 3G and clearer to my ear. This is all consistent with both the Anandtech and Consumer Reports that this is all a wild goose chase. They both report that the iPhone 4 is better than its predecessors. Maybe not quite as good as the X but certainly not the problems that are being reported. This is again another example of the bias of Internet reporting of problem where...
Have to agree with this - San Diego
Actually, if you read the page, its not JUST a pre-order. The phone is delivered already registered and 'ready to use' so they need the att information (in the US).
I guess I don't understand your rationale. You would rather buy a phone which, by your own words, is lower quality, harder to use and less polished because on 1 app (video) seems to be more useable even though I would guess you haven't used either app. Re tethering I don't understand as this is a carrier function which AT&T is providing now, with the iPhone 4. I assume what your talking about is actually the wifi hot spot. If that is your driver the you're correct but...
Please please NO. I like having choice. Safari is, for me, the best browser just because it is only a browser and I don't have to do anything to it, like add plugins, etc. to get what I need. Apple has made those design choices for me and made them well. All I have to do is choose the browser. Why does everyone want everything to be the same. To me Apple is the one providing choice to the end user by not making the end user a designer. And its not that I'm not a...
Right, this makes sense ???? - Because AT&T raised their ETF to $325 your going to jump to a carrier whose ETF is $350. Your the kind of customer that Verison likes - unaware.
Which is one of the points of Steve Jobs' letter.
I disagree with this assessment and have to admire Apple for their handling of these type of situations. By that I mean as an adult. They don't try to control every little PR shift and change but focus on getting things done that benefit both the user and Apple. They realize that, as long as they achieve the latter, important items like great products, great customer service as measured surveys and such, and not anecdotal stories, and at the same time having one of the...
Or could it be that your requirements are not really reflective of the great majority of people that buy products on line? Could that be???
Copying for Nexus?? How about from Jabra, or any number of other headsets. Or how about from every audio or physics lab around the world that has every done noise reduction on any time-series every. Or how about from the US Navy where this is ancient tech from submarines. This is an implementation/cost issue not a technical one.
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