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So, given that WinMo 7 doesn't have multitasking either, by your estimate MS is 6 years behind
So, you actually do realize that there is some advertising that is useful - that is what displaying its wares is all about. I go to iTune to buy Music. I don't want Movies but they (Apple and content providers) provide advertising on the front page that give me information that these are available. It benefits me - gives me information - and them - potentially increases their sales. That is what advertising is. If you don't think that placement on the front page of...
Not sure what you look at when you buy something on iTunes but, the moment you open the iTunes Store in iTunes you are barraged by advertising. Every (almost) page that iTunes presents is littered with advertisements so I don't know how you spent 5K EUR since 'you were gone' the moment you opened the application.
This of course is try of almost every action, including eating and breathing hence the saying 'The only things certain in life are death and taxes'
When was xserve cancelled?
Have to agree 100%.
Thanks for the response. Basically you believe my item (1) 1) The incremental sales from the exposure of this format won't generate > $10,000 in additional profit. If this is true then the format will fail. Given Apple's boder-line obsessive approach to market research, I actually doubt this is the case and, for most releases, the exposure from this format will more than justify the $10,000. I have to agree with the conclusion 'It's NOT overpriced' but it is certainly...
Since you've gone to this trouble to respond it would be interesting to hear why 'its too much'. Possible reasons 1) The incremental sales from the exposure of this format won't generate > $10,000 in additional profit. 2) I can get the same result with the same increase in sales elsewhere for less. Just saying its too much because you think it is, or if they did it differently you would do it cheaper, it not a valid reason. I'm genuinely interested because, its seems to...
Actually, its because they own and use Macs that the make all that money and can afford to buy the rest. This is the marketing message that Apple is overlooking
For those of us that have been on the funding side of modern science in any field, we know that funding of research depends more on the biases of those that supply the funding than the quality of the science which is being proposed. While generally only a minor issue when this intersects with politically hot topics, like global warming, it leads to high bias in the funding cycle, and consequently in the review cycle as well. This is the current situation where proposals...
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