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This is the best analysis of the video.
I don't get what people think is missing from the UTI implementation. If you set the file's metatdata kMDItemContentType to a specific 'application', e.g. com.adobe.pdf, it can be associate with adobe reader (or other like preview) as the user desires while public.pdf is associated with other applications (or not). If you create your on pdf and put the UTI com.myspecialpdf.pdf in the metatdata it will always be opened with your specialpdf app. Or, the user can say I...
As was pointed out earlier Apple published their concept video a few years ago - 1987!!!http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...6719096&hl=en#
You do realize that that's 25% OF THOSE THAT BOUGHT A PC. Look at the graph to which the comment refers.
From the Gizmondo articleAgain, taking the revolutionary Surface as a guide then it may be 'shown' early next year and available for sale some time in 2011 with a feature set 1/3 of the initial showing which will be a fraction of what is implied in the video.Again, this is smoke, vaporware, take your pick.
This is smoke cubed without any fire at all. No hardware shown! No software shown! No evidence of anything beyond a animation that, today, any high school geek could produce. Just look at various animations out there by young, talented amateurs. This certainly seems like desperate smoke put out to draw attention away from the Apple tablet rumors. This seems to be following the path of the Gates/Seinfeld commercials. I can remember the Surface rumors that preceded the...
Both of these don't quite hit the nail on the head. While the UTI itself is NOT metadata, metadata is where the UTI of the file is stored - in the kMDItemContentType entry of the meta data. In the finder use 'mdls ' to see both the UTI and the UTI tree (degrading readability) of a file created with a newer application. A unique UTI can be associated with a preferred application, serving the role of the creator code. For example here is a part of the mdls listing...
Actually, if used properly, they do replace creator codes. Note I properly implemented by the developer the UTI identifies the creator and the hierarchy identifies the 'file type' in the sense that 'com.adobe.pdf' should be identified as degrading to 'public.pdf'.
I've had several instances where the battery drain quickly. Using the System Activity app I can confirm that there is some application that is running the CPU and 100% constantly when this is happening. I checked several times over a 10 min period with the System Activity app and it was always at 100 % about 60% User and 40% Kernal. Additionally, as expected, the case remained warm. The only solution was to reboot.
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