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Given the way Intuit updates (or doesn't update) their software, your best bet would probably be to focus on working to switch away from Quicken. 
So this movie is only going to cover the 70s through 2001? The TNT movie from 1999 covered the 70s through 1999. Although it did skip the NeXT years entirely. It will be interesting to see how the movies compare.
"Editorial" the title says, as if 95% of the things posted on this site aren't already Editorials.
Eh I've seen the first half of this movie already, and Noah Wyle played a better jobs than Kelsow I have to say.
We're an old-news company that makes products nobody buys. What can we do to get ahead? Oh I know, we can buy another old-news company, that also makes products nobody buys. Genius!
I'm confused. Since when do iPhones have software updates that don't come from Apple?
Apple? Print-outs? What kind of parallel universe is this?
Satire and "real" news websites don't mix.
Super misleading title on this article, I'd say.
But no fixes for the totally F-ed up DHCP server and netboot server? Greaaaaaaat.
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