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  That particular fact is not true. And yet it's a very common belief even among people in the finance field. But capital gains rates are tiered just like regular income tax rates. 
A virtual ipod scroll wheel would have been a real pain in the ass to use. Make nice circles with your finger, with zero tactile feedback. Apple definitely made the right decision here by not using this.
By the way this new forum totally sucks. I can't edit my posts, it took me 10 minutes to find where the sig editor is. It does all this crazy inline editing bullshit. Like OS spell check is over written by the forums built in copy and paste functions. Why would you even need copy and pasted built into the web app when every OS natively supports copy and paste. This sucks. FYI.
    Did this make anyone else besides me scratch their heads?  All intel Macs can run Snow Leopard. I do not understand the point they are trying to make with this paragraph. 
I read this article and agreed with HP. Then I scrolled down and saw the picture of their laptop! haha. Apple doesn't own silver, but man their laptop looks JUST like the macbook pro/air. They'll get sued.
That's a pretty cool thing. But I wonder why it needs a special scanner. Why not just use the phone's own camera to scan barcodes?   Also Amtrak isn't "going bankrupt". They are simply in a service that doesn't make profit. It's public transportation. Nearly all public transportation costs money, it doesn't make money. Its essentially a public service. 
The only thing minimalist about that thing is maybe it's paint job. That's a massive boat. And unless Jobs was secretly a drug smuggler, I can't imagine that the interior would be all open space. "minimalism" and "boats greater than 30' long" don't mix.
Congrats, now you get to discover that Lion kinda sucks too
I meant to say QuickBOOKS 2007 on 10.6. 2007 seems to be a very popular year for Intuit Mac software. Anyway, when you open your data in QB2007, something wonderful happens. Every numerical field is filled in with completely random numbers. Clicking on those numbers causes them to disappear. The program is completely unusable in Snow Leopard. And it fails in the most spectacular way possible.
You should see what happens when you try to run QuickBOOKS on Snow Leopard. It's hilarious.
New Posts  All Forums: