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No i was very confused just where exactly that files goes on OS X and what is supposed to go in it.
Freaks right on track, and yes MX records are A-OK
No I'm very sure that all my mail accounts in Mail.app use my own mail server for both incoming and outgoing mail. Which makes it very strange.
I also just tired that telnet thing from my server itself, and it also would not let me send email. Very strange, it would definatly seem that the problem is my mail setup, i just can't figure out why it works fine for Mail.app but won't work at all from the terminal.
Also the PHPs i have that send email are big multi file php programs, and i really can't read php very well, and i couldn't really find the sections where mails are actually sent.
ok thats very strange, i tried that, and it wouldn't let me relay the mail, it said no SMTP relay allowed from this host, but this is the same host i run mail on, and i can send mail all day long with it no problem. Thats very strange, i don't understand. Also I have my mail server set up to allow mail relay from 192.168.*.* which should cover my entire LAN.
I use the SMTP server that comes with OS X Server. Mail.app uses that for incoming and outgoing. It can relay mail but only mail that comes from its own IP, or a few certain other IPs. How php sends mail, I don't know, all my phps are downloaded.
for some reason, php scripts that send mail, can only send it to ME, and no one else. I host my own mail, using the SMTP server IN OS X Server. So everything is on the same machine, so php can send mail to my machine, but no further. I can send mail, using Mail.app, no problem. I know php can use sendmail, but I'd rather just set it up simply to use SMTP, I know sendmail can be a real pain to set up.
I need help fast, setting up mail servers on my OS X Server before mac.com email runs out. I've been all over the big forums asking for help but no one has been able to help me. I need to set up the mail software included with OS X Server to handle sending and receiving mail for 3 different domains, all pointing to my server. I also, although far less importantly, need to set up sendmail solely for the purpose of allowing my UBB to send emails. If you can help me,...
The same reason I want to hook up my digital camera to a TV tuner, watching TV on that 1" LCD would be coooool [Chilling]
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