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Intuit has been dealing with one compatibility after another for years now. A year later, Quicken 2007 finally gets an update. But how long until this updated version doesn't work, AGAIN. Intuit makes very poor Mac software. If you can get away from it, you definitely should!
It seems very weird to me that they would buy iPads from a 3rd party instead of direct from Apple. How could a 3rd party be cheaper than direct from Apple, if the 3rd party also has to make money? Apple would have to be selling the iPads to the 3rd party cheaper than they were willing to sell them to the air force?? (although I'm very tired so my logic might not make sense)
That's a funny thing to say. Many Apple devices have Samsung panels. So Apple's TV won't be better, it will be identical, picture-quality wise. Then most likely superior otherwise.
Our apple stores don't have payment counters. The roamers are it. The apple store is not my kind of store (well, aside from the products they sell I mean )
Go fuck themselves, hopefully.
A long time ago.
It's about fucking time! You should see the reviews for some apps. Like TextPlus. The app sucks, and yet it has a 5 star perfect rating. And every review is a 5 star review from some user spamming their own group or some crap like that.
With all of the 30+ FPS 3D rendering games can do in real time, I suspect that rendering 2D UI elements that generally don't move, or move very slowly, would be a piece of cake for modern computer hardware. And with all of the images being tiny, you're also talking about speeding up loading times because the file size savings gets added up among all of the images in an app, and there are many. And as far as time machine... I think that's a poor example to cite, because the...
If they're going to do retina displays and/or resolution-independence, why aren't they replacing these raster GUI elements with vector GUI elements. What a waste of space to have massive png and tif images all over the place when a single tiny eps will do the same job, much better, and much smaller.
That guy was great on "The Kids In The Hall"
New Posts  All Forums: