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This sounds kind of exactly like apple's "Remote" app running on an iPad touch. Except that it can't control any IR devices.
Typed with as much sarcasm as possible: Yeah that's good, Singapore has to keep all of its huge military secrets under wraps, god forbid one of Singapore's military secrets should slip out...
I got my new 4S with sprint and I have yet to drop a single call. With AT&T, I was dropping calls constantly. I dropped so many calls, I started an iphoto album of dropped call screen shots. Sprint has been perfectly reliable for me so far. I'm in greater Boston.
I agree in spirit. If so many of these "features" just had the option to change back. Like going back to expose & spaces for advanced users, and getting rid of mission control. Or a little check box to bring back scroll bar arrows. Oh well. I'm very happy back on S-L and I'll probably stay with it on my desktop until I replace it with an iMac.... which will happen the day apple bring back the matte screen iMac (so possibly never, or possibly tomorrow).
I do agree with you. But for me, Mission Control was a much bigger nightmare. But I have customers that use a calendar server, and they have 30 total calendars. So now in iCal, they have to click a menu just to get a list of their calendars. And that list only shows maybe 10 at a time, so they also have to scroll through that list to see them all. Compare this to Snow Leopard's iCal which simply had an always-there column showing all of your calendars. Again it's probably...
Significantly more readable.
Gestures are great, but you just can't get the cursor speed or precision of a mouse, with a trackpad.
TBell I gotta tell you, the way you reply to someone else, and then show their quote UNDER what you say, is really confusing. You might want to stick to the traditional way of quoting, which is quote first, then reply.
TBell you are missing the point. I don't have a track pad. I use a desktop. And I really don't have room for a full size keyboard, an apple trackpad, and a mouse on my desktop. So scrolling "a little bit" went from clicking on a scroll bar arrow, to grabbing the scroll "bar", trying to move it as slightly as possible. Then going back cause you want to far. Then repeating several times. Then giving up and doing a search. But only getting partial results so doing a few more...
I don't know if this was directed at me or not, but: My issue isn't that scroll bars are hidden by default. Because like you said, they are very easy to bring back. My issue is that scroll bars have no arrows. If you have super long content, like a 10,000 item inbox. And it's being views in a very small view, like 8 lines at a time. And you want to go to YESTERDAY, it is VERY difficult in Lion. On Snow Leopard, it's a piece of cake. It can be done on Lion, but scrolling is...
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