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I think it's all about the "features". After a few months running Lion, I ended up having to down-grade back to Snow Leopard on my primary desktop. All of these new features just slow you down. Mission Control, the new iCal interface, the new Address Book interface, and so much more. They just add so many new steps. The big difference between an iPad and a Mac is that on an iPad, you can only look at one thing at a time. On a Mac, you can have many windows at once. So...
How could you not
I don't get this? The iPhone 4S has TONS of luster. Slightly off topic but still.
That last quote ruined the whole page.
The phone, like myself, probably won't understand most of what you say.
My Motorola V710 and E815 both had REALLY good voice controls. Almost no errors, even with an address book with hundreds of entries. No "training", no hoops. Just push one button, say "call addabox mobile" and BAM it calls you. When I finally switched to my first iPhone, it was a huge step back not having this feature.
This is why I hate commenting on AI articles. You make one funny little comment early on, and you get stuck listening to ALLLLL THISSSSSSS
I assumed it was assholeish by design.
Wait, so are the cupcakes all gone?
I have a patent on "having patents for words" so please stop talking. All Your Word Are Belong To Us!!! I mean ME!!!
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