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A 27" iMac, with two 27" displays next to it. A true badass triple-head system! If only it were all matte. The new Mac minis are tempting, but the power/price ratio of the iMac is still so much better than the mini, that it really holds you back. But the gloss holds you back from the iMac. And the price holds you back from the Mac Pro. Which is why I haven't upgraded my desktop in years.
That's a pretty long article that never actually explains how airdrop works.
My guess is that paypal got the money and is trying to blame apple so they can keep it.
I could not agree more. Literally, I am not capable of any more agreement.
Paypal says it protects you. Then when you need it, they tell you they can't help you. That is sketch. Plus their fee system is very sketch. The way they have been known to freeze accounts and take your money is sketch. The way they are not a bank and therefor don't have to abide by banking laws, is sketch. I switched everything I have to Google Checkout long ago.... Oh and the way ebay doesn't let you SAY "I accept Google Checkout" in your ebay auction, is SKETCH.
Myself and all of the other former paypal users that have been ripped off my paypal on more than one occasion, disagree with you.
No, I don't realize that.
And making one yourself is very easy to do, as the dvd disk image is sitting right inside the .app package.
That's what you get for using paypal. People should know better than to use such a sketchy site.
My web server has a fast raid of caviar blacks. My home server has a mirrored raid of caviar greens. I don't know if the greens can accurately be called "server-grade", but they make the most sense for a time capsule. Time capsules don't need high performance. They only need reliability and average performance. And using less power is always a nice bonus. As long as the greens prove to be reliable, they should be a great choice. Mine are probably a year or two old and I've...
New Posts  All Forums: