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They won't be happy until everyone is paying $99/mo, it really makes me want to get rid of it all. Such a scam. AT&T got rid of their $5 text plan. So it's either $10 for 1000 TXTs or 20ยข for each individual text. Only need 200 txts? Tough. I guess the bottom line is that I need to get of of the big cell companies and get on sprint or something.
I've been waiting and waiting for verizon tiered data. The idea of tiered data is users who use less, pay less, and users who use more, pay more. Only on verizon, tiered means everyone pays the same or more. At this point, I'll never get a new iPhone. I sure wish I could get by with an iPod touch + Skype.
I way aways be against paypal/ebay, by default. Go Google!
A great quote requoted.
Here's a better idea. Leave the apps up because this is America, information should flow freely and innocent people shouldn't have to be subjected to DUI checkpoints. AND replace "3 strikes and your out" with "1 strike and your out"
Please explain how going from this:To this:Makes you a hypocrite? No one ever said Verizon was wonderful, they said that you could at least MAKE A PHONE CALL with Verizon.
I think you need to adjust your sarcasm detector.
I vowed to stick to my 1st gen iphone once my at&t contract expired, so that i could jump ship back to verizon as soon as their iphone arrives. It was very tempting but it may have finally paid off. Of course there will probably be a huge catch, something like verizon iphone plans all start at $99 or something crazy like that.
The only reality distortion field is the one that you seem to live in, where apple users have been praising AT&T for years. Every single iphone users I know either hates AT&T, or finds it "as good" as any other provider. Sorry to ruin your fanboy narrative but it's all in your head.
I love the first paragraph, did an 8 year old write it?
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