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But wouldn't you open up OS X to run on non-apple VMs BEFORE you discontinued your own hardware?
OS X Server can run on VMs but only on Apple hardware. AKA in Fusion. But I agree that Xserve is going to be replaced by a mass service from apple.
Who makes these absurd, confusing, impossible to comprehend timeline charts that keep showing up on ai? They are the worst visual references I think I've ever seen in my whole life. You'd be better off just listing off all the stats in text, than whipping up theses disasters.
When you think about it, apple's aqua scroll bars in 10.6 are WAY out of place. Their days are numbered, no doubt about it.
Correct, it's like a version of MS office without all the slow bloat and annoying new features and changes that get made just for the sake of change. If you haven't tried open office lately, definitely check it out. It's so much faster than it used to be. I agree it's not pretty. But it's just as functional and free.
Forget MS Office people, use OpenOffice! http://www.openoffice.org/ It's free, and just as good.
Thats actually a good point
Microsoft knows that the only time they succeed in a market is when they use sketchy methods to force themselves into it. They'll never 'win' a competition of which product is the best. It amazes me that they even try.
500 phones?! Thats unbelievably bad. I'd love to verify that number. One of the girls in the Kin tv ads was really cute. But 500 phones total, over 48 days?? You would think they'd be able to pull off better numbers just based on grandparents buying random junk for their grand kids they don't really want. "i want and iphone and got a kin " type stuff. 500?!?!
Hey, while we're reviving 1.5 year old posts to spam them with our own shitty products, I have some stuff I'd like to sell . . .
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