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Yeah but is monitor daisychaning actually supported by ANY monitors OR GPUs yet? Apple could INCLUDE the miniDP HDMI adapter in the box, if they wanted to advertise the new mini "With HDMI"
I would MUCH rather see two miniDP ports, rather than one miniDP and one HDMI. The miniDP to HDMI adapters are only $10 and they work great. Hooking up a second monitor to an HDMI source on the other hand... not so easy. Plus you might only be able to use 720p and 1080p resolutions.
Will this update make the screen matte....
Just make sure you also shuffle the dvd chapters when you watch the wizard of oz.
Why is this even an issue when it comes to iTunes? There have been Album-Only songs since day one. If Pink Floyd want it so you must buy their whole album, let em? I don't see how it's an issue? It will probably mean fewer Floyd songs sold, and people who buy the whole album will still listen on shuffle anyway.
That makes no sense at all. You're saying that you think you're going to have to buy a minute-plan that you're never going to use, just to have the ability to buy pre-paid data for an iPad?
I am not a Verizon fan boy. Far from it, I actually deeply hate verizon. But, I'm not going to buy a new iPhone and sign a new contract, unless I can actually make phone calls on that iphone.
Those people sold their ms stock, and bought aapl
What pink item did apple have in 1994?
I can totally see how a problem where all user's phone data is permanently lost forever, is just as bad as a very rare problem where some people lose local data that they probably have a backup of anyway . . . I have yet to talk to anyone who has had their data disappear from this guest account problem.
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