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They have? Since when?
I totally disagree with that. It was their service. If they chose to farm it out to a 3rd party, and they chose to leave it farmed out when that 3rd party got bought out my a... 4th party. Then it IS their fault. They are a service provider. They are responsible for getting service to their customers. They should have done it in-house, or find a successful company to do it.
He's ANODIZING his macbook, and you're telling him to have a tech do it to protect his warranty. . .
Ever hear of fucking proof-reading? This site has SERIOUSLY gone downhill over the past year. You guys need to step it up or you're going to start losing viewers. That "MS in the red" article was inexcusable for a "news" website.
haha, reminds me of my company logos and business cards i designed, that everyone thinks look awesome, except a few graphic artists. I guess anything you don't make yourself looks like crap, that must be why I like them so much :-) But more on topic, I actually do hate the default background in 10.5, but I do like 10.6's better. But I took 10.5's, opened it in photoshop and shifted the colors so it was green instead of purple, it looked very cool, much cooler than the...
Some words are extra slow, extra spaced, then some words are like 3 words all crammed together, very hard to follow his words. But the videos are all just the same old stuff we've already seen anyway so who cares.
Wow i'm having a very hard time understanding the narrator
My first thought when I heard about these SD slots, was actually to format one for windows, and use the SD card as your bootcamp volume, so you're not wasting space on your real hard drive.
I don't get it though. Apple doesn't make processors, and chipsets... intel does. Why is Apple liable for this?
THats too bad apple is happy with AT&T, because my first iPhone is probably going to be my last iphone. I can't even make phone calls from my major metropolitan suburban home. My next phone is probably going to be another verizon phone, unless AT&T makes some major improvements in their service. Which I don't see happening. I'll just get a cheapey verizon phone and an iPod Touch with Skype.
New Posts  All Forums: