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I bought one on Amazon very inexpensive (Under $8), but well built and does what I want.  It's only issue is it doesn't have the watch sit in nightstand mode because it's upright.  You just use your normal charger and pop it in to the slot and you're done.  If nothing else it will serve nicely as a display stand lol!   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0140X3LPS?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00   Which one are you leaning towards?
Whenever I restore an iPhone back, this time was to upgrade to my new iPhone 6s this past Friday, any video that was recorded and backed up will not play on the new phone.  It show's it's there, and you can click it, but all it does is spin the little white "loading" type of wheel in the middle of the screen.  Nothing EVER happens.  Has anyone ever had this happen too?  Or know of a work around?   FYI - This has happened on every iPhone I've owned since cloud backups...
I have an airport extreme that a specific device can connect to, but loses the ability to browse after a minute or so.  I added an airport express to a part of my house that needed better coverage, and the same device can connect to that and work at length with no problems, but as soon as I go back to the main part of the house where it hands over to the main (extreme) router, the problem comes back.  How is that even possible considering the express is just repeating...
If you install without formatting, the data should stay intact. System directories may reset, but your user created folders should be fine.
A friend of mine has an iPhone 4 and noticed tonight that for the second time she cannot play a voicemail message that came in. Nothing happens when she tries to play it. She's tried rebooting, and resetting the network with no luck. Any advice out there?
Have you verified that the disc is ok?
I have a Black Macbook 2 ghz Core 2 Duo with 2gb of RAM. It runs fine, but this system is a web browsing and email system, and iTunes. The only games it plays is my wife playing solitaire. It really just depends on what your wanting to do on the system.
Great problem to have, but I have a question for everyone. I pre-ordered an iPhone 4 through AT&T but later that day they said it didn't go through, so I ordered one through Apple. The next day i get a confirmation from AT&T that my order through them went through after all. My question is if i activate the one from AT&T, since it's due to arrive first, would AT&T take the one sent from Apple as the return or does it have to be the one sent from them?
Wifi is not that big of problem and it will be fixed over an update. The overheating issue is due from people leaving it in direct sun light at hot temps for long periods. I have had mine out in the sun in normal use for me and no issues at all.
If i remember correctly the iBook catalog is roughly 30,000 and the Kindle is over 300,000. Keep in mind you can download the Kindle, and soon the Barnes & Noble, app. Which gives you access to those catalogs directly from the iPad.
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