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How's been your email with Telus? Since I've updated my 27" 2011 imac everything's been great except Mail went down. Do a search and you'll find more than a few people have had issues. I've managed the work-a-round some have said to do but who knows how long it'll last. Here's one link... https://timthetechguy.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/yosemite-telus-email-issues-workaround/ Btw, before I install I made a usb bootdisk.   
Probably won't happen but a 17" gold coloured Macbook Pro would be nice.  
I don't know how some of you got through those commercials. By the time I got to the third one I was ready to have a snooze. Kudos to those that survived them all!!
Maybe he or she meant 8ºF at 375 minutes.
Microsoft needs the space for all those copies of Windows 8 they plan to sell. /s
The eagle...oops...I mean, the Apple has landed.   p.s. I thought at first someone was making those crop circles again.
Most of what I do is done through the bank. Not much done outside if it. Also, I have a company pension plan and company RRSP. I'm 56 years now and I don't plan to retire for a long time if possible.
Thanks!! I have a financial adviser that helps me with my investments. He does the work and I give him the money.  And yes I do keep an eye on things. I've done online banking, buying, shopping, etc. for years. And no, I'm far away from being an Apple executive.
Quote from Apple: Apple indicated that it elected to do a 7-1 split because, as the company noted, "we want Apple stock to be more accessible to a larger number of investors." I had heard the minimum amount one can purchase is ten shares. Fact or fiction?
Ever thought about anger management courses?
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