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I think a lot of people would be peeved too if working side by side with someone and then that person turns around and stabs you in the back.
Don't you mean Flesh Gorden?
It would have been the 27" iMac but unfortunately I bought the 24" iMac before they were announced. No complaints. Btw, to some, size doesn't matter.
Too bad, so sad when they have to nit pick!! I like the thought of more real estate on the desktop. That's why last year I replaced my 20" iMac to a 24" iMac. The iPad with a bigger screen might be good for some of us with older eyes too.
It's still weeks away, at least 6(?)before the iPad is released and people argue over what it will have and what it won't. It's kinda fun reading some of these posts. I'll take the wait and see approach. Maybe MacWorld will have some goodies revealed for the iPad. I see some starting to show up now. http://www.cnet.com/2300-31324_1-10002409.html
I just bought a MacBook Pro for Christmas, mid September 2009 a 24" iMac and in-between that, a new iPod Touch. I think I'll wait and see what it's all about. Either way, I'm sure Apple still likes me.
It's an iEasel!! Woohoo!!
iSlate...Yaba Daba DOOO!!
Anyone ready for Apple vs NBC round two? http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...nes_shows.html
Guess you could say, I did my part too. I bought a 24" iMac earlier this year and an new iTouch about a month ago. The iTouch previously, was bought when they first came out. Last on the list which is my Christmas present to myself, a new Macbook Pro. WOOHOO!!
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