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Better watch your language and not criticize Apple or its employees. You might make some around here think you're anti-Apple and getting paid by some big conglomerate to post here. Then they'll call you names and tell you to shut the F up. Btw, I agree with you 100%!!
Do you not have something better to do with your time than criticize someone that doesn't agree with you? Sorry, I have work to do. See you too in the funny pages.
Someone...not something. I have an opinion just like anyone. Doesn't mean we have to agree all the time or start a pissing contest when we don't.If you want to be in a meaningful conversation...fine. If not...see ya!!
Aw, did I hurt your feelings? I use Windows and have for years but I sure wouldn't use Windows 8. In fact it looks like some of Windows 8 was copied into OS 10.10. I'll still with Windows 7 and when it comes to Apple, Mavericks will do. Btw, I've used Apple products for many years.
Yup, just like in Kindergarden. Some will call it progression others(like me) regression.
One more thing...what's up with these GUI designers these days? Too damn over simplified for my liking. May as well go back to 256 colours.
WTF??!! Welcome to Windows 8 of the Apple world!!
Maybe try 10.10.0.
Thanks for the paid ad AppleInsider disguised as news.
I use oneSafe and in my opinion it's just as good. And doesn't cost half as much!!
New Posts  All Forums: