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Seriously? All you need is love... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-pFAFsTFTI
How could you forget punk?!!
Forget the free songs I want money...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-P2qL3qkzk   p.s. Btw, just go to iTunes for the free song. No need for the app.
I think you forgot to add the "/s" after your post. Some people might think you're serious.
FWIW you don't need the app. Just check out iTunes each day. Is that so hard? p.s. Looking forward to the 12 days of bitching and complaining.
Don't forget the Bony M Christmas album. One of my favourites songs " Mary's Boy Child" I play every year along the old standbys. I'll definitely look into your mentions...especially Jazz To The World. Pink Floyd I can play anytime of the year.
Now I can't wait for the posts when Apple has their "12 days of Christmas." Woohoo!! Bring on the spiced rum and eggnog!!
One more thing. There's also Cyber Monday coming up. Oh. And Boxing day specials. And...
Yeah, Apple's been doing it wrong for many years. Guess they should be like the other PC manufacturers and price their way to the bottom. Too f'n funny. /s
I hate to break it to you again but here in Canada we've had it too for the last several years. Although, it's still not as big of a deal as in the U.S.
New Posts  All Forums: