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I'd scream too if someone gave me a yellow phone.  
 The 17" MacBook Pro as far as I know hasn't been killed off. It's temporary on hold otherwise you would have heard from Apple discontinuing it. As for the iPad Mini I think there will be one.
Okay, no thanks. Just kidding!! Although, isn't it odd how the article mentions October 26th. Isn't that the day Microsoft's Windows 8 is to be released?
I hear it's only going to be 8GBs at a price between $250.00 to 300.00US.
Yeah, after a bit too much saki. lol
I didn't have all that you mentioned happen but it did wake itself up on its own. My 27" 2011 iMac was probably asleep for about half an hour so when it woke up to its login screen. I hope there's no 666 in any of its code. lol Besides just that one instance Mountain Lion runs smooth and cooler and I have lots of media software on my iMac.
All of my movies have been ripped using HandBrake. That's what one of my 2TB HDDs is used for. The other 2TB HDD is for Time Machine. Btw, what would you like me to do with all my movies, TV shows, etc. on DVD I bought over the years? Throw them away? Sell Them? Not a chance! Should I get rid of my DVD player too?
And some of still watch movies using a DVD player. Although more and more movies I buy I get from iTunes and run it through my AppleTV.
I have the latest 27" iMac today. I was just using the picture as an example.
NO!! That Dell with all those wires. I like my iMac without all the clutter. I'm sure others do too. I have a couple of backup 2tb HDDs(LaCie) that sit on top of one another and next to it an external DVD Burner strictly for burning backups already.
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