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Not all of mine have shown up but I'll try again later as it's just taking a bit of time for some. I don't expect all will because of certain studios but at least I backup[no less than once a week to a 2TB external HDD]. I've invested a lot of money over the years so I've learned many years back to BACKUP on a regular basis.   When I first read this post and signed in to iTunes 56 movies were showing. Next time I signed in, 83 movies and now 226 movies are shown. I have...
I'll wait as I ALWAYS  do when Apple releases its quarterly results. Remember this?   http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/24/us-apple-idUSTRE80N2BQ20120124
Innovation? What exactly has Microsoft innovated? Most of what makes Microsoft has either been bought, stolen or copied!!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Microsoft
The picture was probably Photoshopped. 
Would you like a kickstand to go with that too?
3.7 ghz? Wow!! I should have got that one instead of the 27" iMac I bought at the end of last year. Sorry to say but the fastest one you can buy is 3.16ghz.
And I thought most, if not all ISPs, give free webspace. With my Internet plan I have 100mbs of free webspace. If you need a WYSIWYG there's KompoZer and ftp try Cyberduck.
They're probably astroturfing at a different site. Be afraid. Be very afraid!! They'll be back!! lol
Blah, Blah F'N Blah!! Apple doesn't have to do a thing if they don't want to go. If you don't like working there, go work somewhere else. Damn world these days people wanting something for nothing!! Btw, what's with all the Microsoft fanboys doing here whining lately? THIS IS AN APPLE WEBSITE NUMB NUTS!!
What no Home Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate Edition?  
New Posts  All Forums: