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And some of still watch movies using a DVD player. Although more and more movies I buy I get from iTunes and run it through my AppleTV.
I have the latest 27" iMac today. I was just using the picture as an example.
NO!! That Dell with all those wires. I like my iMac without all the clutter. I'm sure others do too. I have a couple of backup 2tb HDDs(LaCie) that sit on top of one another and next to it an external DVD Burner strictly for burning backups already.
I use an external DVD Burner(LG) on my imac too. It comes in handy burning backups. The internal burner reads and the external writes. Btw, an external DVD burner will always outperform an internal DVD burner unless it's a desktop PC. AIO PCs are also slow.
Sure why not remove the optical drive so it starts looking like a "you-know-what"?   http://www.flixya.com/photo/28872/iMac-vs-Dell-XPS-410  
Seriously, if there were major problems with Mountain Lion I'm sure the PC rags/sites would be jumping all over the place to make it news!!
I checked and I now see the Twentieth Century Fox movies listed. Still some movies aren't and I guess because some are independents such as documentaries, music concerts and shorts. At least now if the internal HDD fails or the backup crashes at the same time[wonder what the chances are of that happening] I'll be able to download them without having to pay for them again.
Hmm, Maybe Canada? I think we're doing the best in these times. Ever go to Iceland and see the group, Of Monsters And Men? Check out their CD "My Head Is An Animal." Awesome!!
I presume this is just for the United States for now. I've got a total of 288 movies in iTunes and only 251 are showing.
Have you ever checked out iTunes Match? If you did, you probably wouldn't have had to ask these questions. I'm sure that iTunes Match isn't any different where it's available from one country to another; just the cost. Here's the link from Canada. I hope it helps.   http://www.apple.com/ca/itunes/itunes-match/
New Posts  All Forums: