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And that is what is wrong with the patent world we live in. I know they're doing what is necessary to protect themselves but that is what makes it sad. i don't have a solution, just thinking that all that money could be so much more productive elsewhere.
Which makes it even more worth it to Foxconn management to squeeze as much productivity out of their workers without increasing costs. This has nothing to do with Apple's QC or ethics. It all about the outsourced lowest bidder trying to maximize their profits. I wouldn't be surprised if everything the workers are saying is true. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if the media was sensationalizing the whole situation.
RIP Steve. I may not agree with all your actions, no one can deny your accomplishments. One thing that bothers me is that everyone focuses on the iPod and iPhone as his greatest legacy, but they only are from a superficial level. His true legacy is in kicking the doors down in the music industry AND wireless carrier industry. It was a sorry state of affairs with music before iTunes and that was all Jobs and his clout and tenacity. (often overlooked fact: it was his clout...
I'm confused. Hasn't it been pretty well known that Apple was working on their own Maps app for a while. There was that report a year or so ago about Apple collecting traffic data or something (can't remember exactly). How could Google be surprised by this month's IOS announcement? And I know it was mostly rumors talking about new Maps, but if we assume Google's Maps on IOS is so profitable for Google, you'd think that any hint of a loss would spur them to have a backup...
That's the problem with these huge conglomerate companies. They often compete with other companies in one sector while partnering with the same companies in other sectors.And it also makes it hard to hate them when one division does bad things, when the other divisions have no fault. My Samsung refrigerator is the best & they make quality memory and SoCs, doesn't mean I care for their mobile division's policies. I play my PS3 often, but everything else Sony does is...
I hope they fixed that pesky "storing passwords in nearly plain text" problem that was discovered recently in their software. http://www.informationweek.com/security/vulnerabilities/laptop-fingerprint-readers-vulnerable-to/240006528
That part is curious. Presumably the 3rd gen iPad is hardware capable, and I can't imagine there is a lot of software difference between the iPad's camera app and the iPhone's. The only thing I can think of is that they didn't have enough time to test it on the iPad, and that it'll come in 6.1 or so when they're sure it works perfectly. That's probably what happened with Siri for iPad.
That makes me wonder. What's worse: Apple fanbois vs Fandroids or Nintendo fanbois vs Playstation vs Xbox? They're all fanatical and irrational, but I feel the gamer fanbois are more irrational and hostile.Note: fanboi != loyal fan
Precisely! The smartphone industry may be booming right now, but in terms of technology all the major "wow"ness has happened already. Now it's just about faster, clearer, better. Same thing happened in the CPU industry a few years ago. Huge jumps from 8086 to 286 to Pentium; FPUs, MMX/SSE, cache, etc; but now it's more about faster, smaller, less power consumption. Eventually revolutionary jumps just slow down. Not to say Apple won't have "wow"s to give ever again, just...
Obviously, this 250MB plan isn't for people doing media streaming or otherwise power users. But, $4.16 per month for 250MB of mobile broadband is very reasonable. No one offers an affordable low tier data plan. In the past year, I've never gone over 200MB in a month. Only good plans for me are the prepaid plans (T-mobile $30 unlimited text/data, 100minutes). If I could have added 250MB to my voice plan for $5, I would have stuck with Verizon and got an iPhone 4S.
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