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Precisely! The smartphone industry may be booming right now, but in terms of technology all the major "wow"ness has happened already. Now it's just about faster, clearer, better. Same thing happened in the CPU industry a few years ago. Huge jumps from 8086 to 286 to Pentium; FPUs, MMX/SSE, cache, etc; but now it's more about faster, smaller, less power consumption. Eventually revolutionary jumps just slow down. Not to say Apple won't have "wow"s to give ever again, just...
Obviously, this 250MB plan isn't for people doing media streaming or otherwise power users. But, $4.16 per month for 250MB of mobile broadband is very reasonable. No one offers an affordable low tier data plan. In the past year, I've never gone over 200MB in a month. Only good plans for me are the prepaid plans (T-mobile $30 unlimited text/data, 100minutes). If I could have added 250MB to my voice plan for $5, I would have stuck with Verizon and got an iPhone 4S.
Most likely anyone with any actual proof is on the take already. No reason for one of them to come forward. everyone else who suspected but weren't in the loop have no reason to speak out with no evidence and have the courts ignore him and at the same time lose their job.Plus we're not talking about whistleblowing for big tobacco to save lives. It's just a grown-up toy. A really cool, world changing toy... but a toy none the less.
You are correct in that, however you miss my point. I was simply responding to the post above which claimed that Asians can't be creative and Western culture is better suited for "world design". However, much of what is considered "American" designed was most likely a multicultural effort. Americans, European, African, and Asian. Hell... "American" is itself multicultural in nature. We're not all caucasians from ol' Britannia.
What is "American" design anyways? Sure Ford et al are based in the US but their who's on the design team? I'm sure there are a plethora of ethnicities on the team, probably even an Asian or 2. Same goes for Apple's design team.
I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but that's not really a good comparison. MP3 players are/were a luxury item, not needed by anyone. Also, its competitors were CD players and radios. So iPods were only a monopoly in a subsection of the portable music market. A large subsection admittedly, but still alternatives.Smartphones on the other hand are quickly becoming a necessity, especially in the business world, in large part to the iPhone and Crackberry.A better argument to...
As long as they're willing to license, then that will be good for consumers. More choice, more competition, more innovation.If Jobs was still around, I'm not so sure that would be the case. You know, the whole thermalnuclear thing.i just don't want any monopolies: whether that be MS, Intel, or Apple.PS: Apple needs to turn up the OSX heat with the trainwreck coming called Win8.
the cost of a new car and ban on last gen products? These penalties almost seem to not even be worth the time of going to court. I guess this just falls under the "defend it or lose it" category. I don't think we can read into this in any way, with regard to the CA trial. differnet country, diff laws. jury vs judges. At least this judgement will quiet some of the racist remarks going around this forum. well... probably not but we could hope.
I mostly feel the same way. Been an Apple shareholder since before the iPod, but something drastic needs to happen in order for this lawsuit happy environment to end. Only people benefitting from this are lawyers and patent trolls. I understand the reasons for patents but it surely hinders competition (generally speaking). Competition is good for everyone. Intel and MS got lazy when they were the top dog, i don't want to see Apple do the same.
Another e-payment protocol? As if Passbook, Google Wallet, PayPass, and IRIS weren't enough. (I know Passbook isn't e-payments now, but we all know it's coming). All this does is fragment the market even more and prevent us from having a unified standard protocol. Freaking Starbucks couldn't pick one of the existing somewhat established methods? I already have to deal with cash, ATM, Amex, & Visa/MC. E-payments are supposed to simplify that.
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