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They're using OpenStreeMaps http://www.openstreetmap.org/, an "open source" map. It's a combination of public records, donated maps, and user submitted info (think wikipedia). Pretty cool concept, actually.   I'm torn. I'm a fan of Open Source projects, but Google Maps has a lot of great features.
I like to M$ bash as much as the next guy, but this is really non-news.   They had $6.1 billion in profit this quarter, except they decided to do some shady accounting in regards to the acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Meaning they spent the $6.3B 5 years ago and reporting that money as lost this quarter. Obviously they made a profit that quarter in 2007 even after wasting the money, so this is just tricky bookkeeping (probably to reduce their tax...
    Indeed. This is AppleInsider. Fact have no place here. (i kid... i kid).   But seriously you're right, every flat panel TV and PC monitor looks the same. I couldn't tell a Samsung from a Sony or ViewSonic. Why don't these companies sue each other? I can't even think of who was first (Sony?).
  That's the thing about design patents that always confuses me. Since you make a car analogy, I have a couple examples: A Chrysler 300m looks like Bentley, Hyundai Genesis looks a lot like a Mercedes Benz, Honda NSX looks like a Ferrari. I'd say those are just as similar as the iPad is to the Galaxy. Why don't we see a lot more of these suits?   IANAL so just trying to understand.
Today's Woot Shirt seems to encompass this news perfectly.   http://shirt.woot.com/offers/alas-haters  
  Very true. However, everyone needs to think truly about what they install & authorize. The new privacy settings are a great addition, but we all know how well the whole "Allow or Deny" thing worked for MS. People tend to just click on anything asked of them without thinking just to move forward.   I'm just saying we can't let ourselves fall into the mentality that "Walled garden + privacy settings = totally safe".
  I agree this was probably server side and totally outside of Apple's control. However, I disagree that this sort of thing would go away with the new privacy settings in IOS6. If I install an app that is supposed to access my contacts, I'm going to say yes when it asks for authorization. There are probably tons of legitimate apps that do that now. If they then do something with it server side, how am I to know. Hell, if they store it server side as part of their normal...
Slightly off topic... why did Apple start with the name A4? It always throws me off because their naming is skewed from the ARM naming. It would make sense if they started with A1 (i.e. Apple chip 1). As it is, I have to remember A4=A8, A5=A9, (A6=A15?). I know the average user doesn't care, but as a techie and a bit neurotic, it just messes with my head. :)   Not complaining, just wondering why.  
  And Safari is essentially KDE's Konquerer with Apple modifications.  
To be honest, I don't see the difference between devs using UDID or their own system. The end result is still them being able to track users. Unless Apple is forbidding tracking in general, I don't really see the point in this. Also, does it say anywhere whether Apple or iAds is also not allowed to track using UDID?
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