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Well, that's just it. Apple hasn't released a product here because there's no obvious benefit to a tablet. That they're likely to introduce one tells us they've solved a problem that benefits a tablet form factor. That's what makes Apple different - they don't just make gadgets, they make gadgets that solve problems nobody else has solved. If I had to guess, Apple plans on bringing full electronic publication to the masses. They've been flinging at that wall for a decade...
Two reasons: 1) After the Performa PPC upgrade settlement, Apple agreed to never advertise a product as upgradable unless that upgrade was available at the time of purchase. The .11n upgrade wasn't available at the time. 2) Under Sarbanes-Oxley, the company needs to account for the costs of new features, which they cannot do after the sale is made. Hence, the 'subscription'. It's the same reason why iPod updates can't include features developed for newer iPods. Different...
I don't know. Close your eyes? Get really, really drunk so it's spinning and blurry? Watch it while looking through a lime jello iPod? Put turpentine in your eyes just when you press play. Any of those should work fine.
Well, technically, so are biscuits...
Oh, yeah, prion and virion. I'm a physics guy, not biology, but I'm not aware of gluton existing in the bio world either.
boson, meson, fermion, graviton, photon, muon, lepton, positron, electron, proton, neutron, and... gluon! Mediates the strong nuclear force. That's as close as you're getting.
Gluten (gloo ten) which rhymes with Newton is a combination of proteins, found in wheat that gives bread it's chewy texture. Glutton (gluh ten) is someone who consumes to much. Anyway - you didn't deny the tablet so I suspect we're somewhere in the middle of all of this. Doesn't much matter to me. All I care about is new product. Refresh = boring. New makes me happy.
It would be a stand-alone, but would pull all of your synced .mac data and would have other ties to the desktop. Basically it works better if you have a Mac, but can work with a PC syncing through iTunes? Something... Of course, I'm old enough to know of the neverending tradition of pre-expo Newton rumors. What's more, I actually played with a prototype Newton about a month or three before it was introduced. It was very exciting.
New handheld. Newton = kin, demise, etc.Mini OS X. This is video iPod. Inkwell. Palm killer (as if Palm needed someone to do that). The good Pocket PC handhelds are gone (HP and Dell both stopped development on their high-end) and Apple will sneak in a product above the smartphone but below the tablet - roughly the space the Newton previously held.
Float = tablet?
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