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Howdy, I had some that were months old, and had not been listened to, but I have never seen the dialog asking if I want to continue to update. All the best, Kenneth
Hello again, It is funny... I just assumed that the problem was mine in that I did not fully understand the settings. Now, I do suspect that it is a bug: I just selected all of my podcasts, and manually updated. With that iTunes downloaded 48 of them. It is no great hardship to do it manually, but it does seem odd that it is necessary. All the best, Kenneth
Howdy, New podcasts are check for every hour... and the system clock is correct. The early dates (and the "Truman administration" comment was meant figuratively) are release dates, and some are months old even though there have been several newer podcasts since that date. I believe that the problem might relate to the fact that some of the older podcasts have the "blue dot" indicating that I have not listened to them. It appears that iTunes sees that, and, as a result,...
Howdy, I have iTunes Podcasts Preferences set to "Download the most recent one" and "keep the last 2 episodes." But, when I look at my list of podcasts, I see many that date from the Truman administration (even though I am certain that there are many more recent episodes available.) When new episodes are availabe, I want iTunes to get them, and then delete old podcasts whether or not I have listened to them. How can I get iTunes to work in that way? Sincere...
New Posts  All Forums: